PAHO Health Sector response to HIV/STIs 2007-2011

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·         The goal of this project is Universal Access to treatment, care and prevention of HIV/STI/TB

·         Focuses on the Health Sector – Lead sector in National Response to HIV/AIDS/STIs

·         Strengthens the Health Sector Response  

There are four critical lines of action: 

·         Health Systems Strengthening

·         Service Delivery

·         Procurement and Supplies

·         Strategic Information   

Health Systems Strengthening 

Public health leadership and planning capacity, establishing standards and norms – addressing health systems capacity  

·         Programme Areas – Advocacy; Health sector Planning; Guidelines Setting; Human Resource Management    

·         EG - Policy Framework  –HIV Testing Policy; PMTCT policy Universal access  

Key Issues: Gender; mobile populations; vulnerable populations, health sector human resource capacity, sustainability  

Service Delivery Strengthening, expanding and re-orienting health services 

·         Programme Areas: HR capacity development; service integration; quality assurance; services for vulnerable populations 

·         E.G – HR Capacity – Provider Initiated Testing and Counseling (TB/HIV/STIs) Training; Scale up of Access To Testing services  

Key Issues – Integration of services; training and retention of staff; addressing needs of vulnerable populations 


Procurement and Supplies 

Improving Access to Medicines; diagnostics and other Commodities  

·         Programme Area:  Drug Pricing; logistics and supply chain management; decentralized laboratory support for HIV Service  delivery  

·         E.G.  Introduction of Rapid Tests – quality control, validation of rapid tests in Barbados.  

 Key Issues – Scale up of access to testing, using rapid test technology.   


Strategic Information 

Improving Information and Knowledge Management (Surveillance and M&E)

Programme Area: Biological and behavioural surveillance; patient monitoring; routine health information systems; operations research  

E.G. CAREC collaboration with MOH on improving surveillance of HIV; tracking of universal access indicators  

Key Issues – ensuring access to reliable and timely information for planning, policy formulation and resource mobilization.

The PAHO Team for this project are: 

·         PAHO PWR Office

·         PAHO CPC

·         Caribbean Epidemiology Centre

·         PAHO HIV Caribbean Office  

·         Collaborators: UNAIDS, UNTHEME Grp. OECS, CHART    



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