Vaccination Week in Antigua and Barbuda

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Antigua and Barbuda celebrated vaccination week under the theme "Reaching every one'. A two day PAHO sponsored workshop took place April 27 -28, 2010. Participants were drawn from Antigua as well as Barbuda. The objectives of the workshop included:

(1) Updating new district Nurses on the Vaccines utilized in the EPI program in Country 

(2) Discussing Cold chain management, Events attributable to immunization (ESAVI), immunization coverage, Immunization of special groups and the surveillance of EPI diseases.

(3)  Updating the EPI manual.

The Permanent Secretary Mr. Edson Joseph declared the workshop opened.  Nurse Corilita Joseph the EPI manager welcomed all participants to the workshop. The CPO Anneke Wilson gave brief remarks on behalf of PAHO. 


Activities for vaccination week were:

Saturday 24th April        -           Message from the Minister of Health Hon Wilmoth Daniel

Sunday 25th April          -           Letters to be read in Churches to support the efforts of vaccination

Monday 26th April          -           Media program

Tuesday 27th April         -           EPI workshop- Manual

Wednesday 28th April    -           EPI  workshop- General immunization training

Thursday 29th                  -           April Open Day at clinics

Friday 30th April            -           Vaccination at clinics

Saturday 31st April        -           Evaluation of week of activities