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In order to increase PAHO’s country presence in the Eastern Caribbean, the Office of Eastern Caribbean Countries (OECC) was established in September 2006.  Its responsibility is to deliver PAHO/WHO’s technical cooperation (TC) in the Eastern Caribbean Countries and Territories and the French Departments in the Americas, which are:   

In addition to a cadre of staff based at the Country Office in Barbados, seven Country Program Officers (CPOs) are strategically placed in the following countries to assist in the delivery of TC in the Eastern Caribbean.    


    PAHO in the Caribbean

    There is a long history of PAHO involvement in the Caribbean, since Zone Offices were created in 1951 before any of the territories had gained their independence. The Zone I office in Caracas, Venezuela, had the responsibility for technical cooperation with the Caribbean Territories.

    In the 1960s, as the countries became independent and formally joined PAHO as individual sovereign states, the role of the Zone Offices changed. In this post-independence era the first English-speaking Caribbean country to join PAHO was Jamaica on August 23, 1962. Other countries gained membership with the organization in the following order:

     Date of Membership  Country
     1962  August 23  Jamaica
     1963  September 20  Trinidad & Tobago
     1964  October 8  The Bahamas
     1967  October 2  Barbados
     October 2  Guyana
     1976  September 29  Suriname
     1977  September 26  Grenada
     1980  September 22  St. Lucia
     1981   September 21  Dominica
     September 21  Saint Vincent & the Grenadines
     1982  September 20  Antigua & Barbuda
     September 20  Belize
     1984  September 24  Saint Kitts & Nevis

    As the role of the Zone Offices changed Country Offices were created, each headed by a Representative of the Director. In 1975 the Zone Offices were designated Area Offices but Caracas still retained responsibility for much of the technical cooperation in the English-speaking Caribbean sub-region.

    In 1978 the Office of Caribbean Program Coordination was established in Barbados in recognition of the commonality of health problems in the sub-region. This similarity of health systems originated in the common historical development and the long standing tradition of collaboration in health among these countries. Many of the resources were transferred from Caracas.

    At this time, in addition to the Office of Caribbean Program Coordination, the English-speaking Caribbean is served by Country Offices headed by PAHO/WHO Representatives (PWRs) in the:

    The Dutch Islands are served through the Office in Venezuela and other non English-speaking Caribbean countries are served through Offices in Cuba, Haiti and the Dominican Republic.

    All countries have access to all PAHO resources located at the Regional level, in other Country Offices and in other PAHO Centers through their designated PAHO/WHO Representative. The PAHO Centers are:

    BIREME Latin American and Caribbean Center on Health Sciences Information, Brazil
    CLAP Latin American Center for Perinatology and Human Development, Uruguay
    PANAFTOSA Pan American Foot-and-Mouth Disease Center, Brazil

    PAHO can mobilize resources from selected national Centers of Excellence with which it has Collaborative Agreements. These are known as WHO or PAHO Collaborating Centers. 

    Please click on the link below for information pertaining Member States and Quota Contributions:

    Statement of Quota Contributions due from Member States


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