National eHealth Strategy Toolkit


World Health Organization WHO and the International Telecommunication Union ITU – 2012

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“…..Worldwide, the application of information and communication technologies to support national health-care services is rapidly expanding and increasingly important. This is especially so at a time when all health systems face stringent economic challenges and greater demands to provide more and better care, especially to those most in need.

 The National eHealth Strategy Toolkit is an expert, practical guide that provides governments, their ministries and stakeholders with a solid foundation and method for the development and implementation of a national eHealth vision, action plan and monitoring framework. All countries, whatever their level of development, can adapt the Toolkit to suit their own circumstances.

Representing one of the most significant collaborations in recent years between the World Health Organization and the International Telecommunication Union, the Toolkit is a landmark in understanding what eHealth is, what it can do, and why and how it should be applied to health care today….”


Part 1: Establishing a national eHealth vision


1. National context for eHealth

2. Framework for a national eHealth vision

3. National eHealth vision: overview of the method

4. Manage the process

5. Engage with stakeholders

6. Establish the strategic context

7. Learn from eHealth trends and experience

8. Draft an initial vision

9. Identify the required eHealth components

10. Gather information on the eHealth environment

11. Assess opportunities, gaps, risks and barriers

12. Refine vision and develop strategic recommendations


Part 2: Developing a national eHealth action plan


1. Framework for an action plan

2. Developing the national eHealth action plan: overview

3. Manage the process

4. Engage with stakeholders

5. Develop eHealth action lines

6. Develop an integrated action plan

7. Determine high-level resource requirements

8. Apply funding constraints to refine plan

9. Define implementation phases


Part 3: Monitoring and evaluation


1. eHealth monitoring and evaluation framework

2. Developing an eHealth monitoring and evaluation framework: overview

3. Define indicators for eHealth

4. Define baseline and target measures for indicators

5. Define supporting governance and processes

6. Conclusion