Effectiveness of Electronic Screening and Brief Interventions (e-SBI) for


SDE Seminars on Alcohol and Substance Abuse
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Guest Speaker Lecture on:

Effectiveness of Electronic Screening and Brief Interventions (e-SBI) for
Reducing Excessive Alcohol Consumption and Related Harms

Monday August 13, 2012

By Marissa Esser, Alcohol Program, ORISE Fellow

US National Center for Chronic Disease Prevention and Health Promotion/CDC




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12:30 – 12:50 pm Introductions and Welcome
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Screening and brief interventions (SBI) for harmful use of alcohol are a cost-effective strategy to reduce the risk of alcohol harms and progress to alcohol dependence. It has been used in many countries and there are WHO and PAHO materials available. They are effective both to the individual and at population level.  


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Scaling up the integration of these interventions in primary health care and across the health system has been a challenge due to resistance of health professionals to adopt a health promotion approach, how to develop the capacity to provide systematic screening and an intervention for those at risk, stigma and misperceptions about the risks of alcohol consumption and the difference between a brief intervention and treatment for alcohol dependence.

With the adoption of the plan of action on reducing harmful use of alcohol and on substance use and public health, PAHO needs to step up its technical cooperation for scaling up Screening and brief interventions SBI in PHC and in other non specialized settings, as to achieve a public health impact with these interventions.

At the same time, as access to e-health increases, there is a potential for self care not previously realized and which may be suitable for reducing alcohol related harm.


This seminar will present a state of the art review to date in the area of e-Screening and brief interventions -SBI and discuss how PAHO and Member States could benefit from the knowledge available

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Senior Advisor  Alcohol and Substance Abuse PAHO/WHO

Washington DC USA


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