Regional Meeting on Health and Human Security - Symposium


Co-Hosted by PAHO/WHO and The Japan Center for International Exchange (JCIE)
with the support of Japan International Coordination Agency and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation

Lima, Perú September 6, 2012

Time:  8:30 am – 5:30 pm - Central Standard Time ( Lima, Peru, same as Chicago, USA)
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Human Security: Implications for Public Health - Technical Reference Document

English PDF [68p.] at:  - Summary:

 Seguridad humana: implicaciones para la salud pública. Documento técnico de referencia
Español PDF [66p] at:  - Resumen:

Symposium Agenda 

 8:30-9:30am      Welcoming Remarks

•           Fernando Leanes, PWR Peru

•           Keizo Takemi, Chair, Global Health and Human Security Program, JCIE

•           Japan Ambassador to Peru, Masahiro Fukukawa,

•           Rebeca Arias, UN Resident Coordinator, Peru

•           Midori de Habich Rospigliosi, Minister of Health, Peru

9:30-10:30am   Integration of Human Security into Public Policies

•           Keizo Takemi, Health and Human Security in Japan

•           Luiz Augusto Galvao, Presentation of PAHO/WHO 2012 Report: Human Security: Implications for Public Health

•           Mehrnaz Mostafavi, Presentation of 2012 UN Secretary General Report on Human Security

10:30-11:00am  Break

11:00-3:15 am  Presentation of Case Studies: Experiences Integrating Health and Human Security

3:45-5:15pm    How can we promote Human Security in Peru and the Americas? Panel Discussion

Panel Members include:

•           Masamine Jimba, Professor, Universty of Tokyo

•           Martha Hijar, Researcher, Fundación Entornos, Mexico

•           Ernesto Gozzer, Associate Professor, Unviersidad Peruana Cayetano Heredia

•           Carlos Santos-Burgoa, Senior Advisor on Human Security, PAHO/WHO

•           Flavio Mirella, UNODC  Representative in Ecuador and Peru


5:15-5:30pm     Concluding Remarks


“……..The human security concept was first explored in the 1990’s and various understandings and definitions have been explored.  Recently, the United Nations has begun debate on the topic and its popularity as an approach to security has been gaining notice.  The approach calls for a view of security beyond just the prevention of violence and works to assure the three essential freedoms:
- freedom from want,
- freedom from fear and
- freedom to live in dignity. 
Health is one of the 7 dimensions of security and is well positioned as an entry point to helping secure livelihoods.

The challenge within human security is providing support to countries and organizations as they begin to incorporate the concept into health plans. 
Furthering the concept calls for a greater understanding of conceptual, methodological and operational actions, and the role of Public Health and health systems in its development.


•           Greater dissemination of the concept of Health and Human Security

•           Presentation  UN Secretary General’s Report Human Security 2012

•           Analysis and understanding of the experience of Health and Human Security Interventions in the Region of the Americas,
            as well as learning from experiences in Africa and Asia

•           Examination of the future application of the approach in the Region of the Americas


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Contact information    
Carlos Santos-Burgoa, Kirsten Brownstein,
Guadalupe Gomez de la Torre, and/or
Carolina Espina at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


Human Security: Implications for Public Health - Technical Reference Document


Executive Summary
Next Steps in Implementation
I. Introduction to Human Security

Human Security: The Basics

The Human Security Approach

The Protection (Top-Down) Dimension

The Empowerment (Bottom-Up) Dimension

II. Public Health Practice: Mutual Alignment with Human Security

Human Security: Contributions to Public Health

Public Health: Contributions to Human Security

III. How Public Health Applies Human Security

The Empowerment Approach as a Part of Public Health

The Provision of Health Care Services

Social Protection

The Stewardship Function in Public Health as It Applies to Human Security

The Health System and its Relation to Human Security

IV. Concepts Related to Health and Human Security

Extent of Action

Multidimensional Security

Citizen Security

State Security

Health Security and Health and Human Security

Health, Human Security, and Human Development

The Potential for a Human Security Index

Social Determinants of Health: The Role of Inequity in Health and Human Security

Climate Change, Health, and Human Security

The Relationship between Human Rights, Health, and Human Security

V. Human Security in the Americas

Specific Examples of Interventions Related to Human Security
VI. Implementing the Directing Council Resolution: Next Steps

1. Conceptual 2. Methodological 3. Operational 4. Theoretical

VII. Conclusions

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