Exploring the relationship between social determinants of health and the intersect: Public Health, E


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eSAC Project, KMC / PAHO/WHO To online Open panel on:


Exploring the relationship between social determinants of health and the intersect: Public Health, Equity, Information and Communication Technologies (ICT)

Friday February 22, 2013

Time: From 2:00 pm - 3:30 pm – EST Eastern Standard Time


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To explore the relationship between social determinants of health, equity and information and communication technologies (ICT).


2:00  pm           Welcome - Camilo Erazo - eSAC Young Professional (YP)


2:02-2:15 pm     Introduction to eSAC project Giselle Ricur, Co Director, eSAC project

2:15-2:35 pm     A rural perspective on the Healthcare Connect Fund in the United States (in Spanish)
                        Edyael Casaperalta, Center for Rural Strategies, coordinator of the Rural Broadband Policy Group (RBPG),

2:35-3:00 pm     Social Determinants of Health and ICTs in Jamaica (in English)
                         Ishtar Govia, Lecturer in Psychology at the University of the West Indies

3:00-3:30 pm     Q&A Moderator - Camilo Erazo eSAC Young Professional (YP)

3:30 pm            Closing remarks - Andrea Cortinois, Co Director, eSAC project

Why to attend?

The Public eHealth Innovation and Equity project (eSAC) strives to 'push the  envelope' by stimulating researchers, policy makers, practitioners, entrepreneurs,   innovators, the media, and the general public to think beyond traditional eHealth solutions, exploring the use of ICTs in public health and to impact the social determinants of health.

Online Resources

Video: Exploring the intersection of Public Health, ICTs. Equity and Social determinants of Health
Alex Jadad, eSAC Principal Investigator/Chief Innovator and Founder of the Centre for Global eHealth Innovation

What is the eSAC intersection? Public Health + Health Equity + ICTs = ?
Camilo Erazo - eSAC Young Professional (YP)

eSAC The project is funded by the Ottawa-based International Development Research Centre (IDRC) and jointly designed and implemented
by the Pan-American Health Organization (PAHO/WHO), Washington DC,
and the People, Health Equity and Innovation (Phi) Research Group (at the University of Toronto, Toronto.

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