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Essential Medicines


WHO and PAHO/WHO Resolutions on Drugs

The Resolutions adopted by the World Health Assembly of WHO as well as by the Pan American Conference of the Health, of PAHO/WHO Regional Office for the Americas related to medicines are listed. The content of the Resolutions can be accessed through the respective liaison with the points of origin.

Resolutions (in Spanish)

Pan American Network for the Drug Regulatory Harmonization (PANDRH)

The PANDRH is an initiative that supports the processes of drug regulatory harmonization that are being developed by the groups of economic integration in the Americas. It was created by the II Pan American Conference for the Drug Regulatory Harmonization in November 1999. It's made up of three components: the Pan American Conference that meets every two years; a Steering Committee and by Working Groups in defined technical areas considered as priorities by the same Conference. PAHO/WHO is the Secretariat of the Network and its three components. The main objective of the PANDRH is to maintain a constructive dialogue among drugs regulatory authorities and other stakeholders in drug regulation, adopting guidelines and harmonized proposals on specific aspects of regulation, promoting the technical cooperation among countries. The initiative of the PANDRH is supported by Resolution CD42R11 of the Directing Council of PAHO/WHO. The background documentation as well as additional information regarding the Network can be found in the Report submitted to the Governing Bodies.


Pharmaceutical Education

There are presented aspects related to the initiatives of the professional education of college and graduate-level, in particular various aspects related to the Pan American Conferences on Pharmaceutical Education. There is included in addition a proposal of career accreditation of Pharmacy of Latin America, in progress of treatment in such Conferences.

Pharmaceutical Education

Pharmaceutical Forum of the Americas (FFA)

The Pharmaceutical Forum of the Americas was established in 1999 and has members from the national pharmaceutical associations and councils and from regional federations, and from the International Pharmaceutical Federation (FIP). The Forum is part of the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO/WHO) Initiatives for the Region and the Europharm Forum model was taken as an example. One of the objectives of the Forum is the strengthening of pharmaceutical practice in the Region, through the promotion and coordination of activities and projects to involve the pharmacist in national public health policies.

The Forum is governed by its Statutes and its coordinated by an Executive Committee. The Professional Secretariat is located in the PAHO/WHO Headquarters in Washington, D.C. and serves as communication link among its members.

Pharmaceutical Forum of the Americas (FFA)

Access to medicines

Ensuring access to medicines and public health supplies is one of the greatest challenges facing the Region of the Americas. Factors contributing to inequitable access to medicines include weak public health policy and economic or commercial barriers either at the national or global level.

The attainment of the global mandates presented through the United Nations Millennium Declaration, September 2000, and the identification of two priority public health targets (on the one hand HIV/AIDS, malaria, and other major diseases; and on the other the reduction of child mortality), will require access to essential public health supplies.


Access to Medicines


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