Leaders in health on the northern Mexican border celebrate the 70 year anniversary of the PAHO Border Office

El Paso, TX, September 13, 2012(PAHO/WHO)Health leaders in the northern border states of Mexico –Tamaulipas, Nuevo Leon, and Sonora –joined in the celebration of the 110th anniversary of the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO) and the 7th anniversary of the U.S.-Mexico border Office.  During the Summit on Health and Human Security which took place on September 6 in Ciudad Juarez, representatives of the ministers of health from these states carried messages and official congratulatory letters for Dr. Mirta Roses, Director of the PAHO and Dr. Maria Teresa Cerqueira, Chief of the Border Office.

Dr. Jesús Zacarías Villarreal Pérez, Secretary of Health and Director General of Health Services from the State of Nuevo Leon, expressed in his letter that “without any doubt, the presence of the Office has established an historic precedent on our border, contributing in a very effective way to the identification of the most important binational health issues and the application of policies and strategies to bring solutions to them, creating a synergy with the State Ministries of Health, with multiple non-government organizations, as well as with local health leaders, through working together, and always maintaining the importance of improving public health and the quality of life on the U.S.-Mexico border region.”   Recognizing the invaluable work, he added that with these types of actions and associations, the society will be able to grow and benefit while improving its standard of life.

The U.S.-Mexico border, considered the most dynamic and busiest in the world, is a region in permanent transition in the social, demographic, and epidemiologic senses, with big opportunities and disparities that determine the health of the inhabitants of both countries.  Along the entire length of the border, more than 113 million border crossings of individuals and a total of more than 43 million crossings by vehicles, passenger buses, or freight trucks were registered in 2011.

Dr. José Jesús Bernardo Campillo García, Secretary of Health and Executive President of Health Services of Sonora, thanked the PAHO through the U.S.-Mexico Border Office, highlighting what has been accomplished over the years with its many contributions, including improving the health of the border population and contributing to the development of this strip that unites both countries. “Solidarity, mutual respect and the coordination of actions has characterized this historic relation of the Border Office with the ten border states, which with all justification has won a place of international technical alliance and the recognition as a member in the public health efforts on the border.”    

These messages were delivered by Dr. Abelardo García Cantú for Nuevo León, Dr. Jorge Sebastián Hernández for Tamaulipas, Dr. Jaime León Varela for Sonora, and they were accompanied by the Executive Secretary of the Commission for U.S.-Mexico Border Health, Dr. Maria Teresa Zorrilla. Likewise, Dr. Ramón Murrieta González, Executive President of the Medical College of Mexico/National Federation of the College of Doctors (Colegio Médico de México/Federación Nacional del Colegio de Médicos, A.C.) also joined in congratulating and recognizing the work carried out by the Border Office.

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