Welcome to the new web site and bulletin of PAHO/WHO U.S.-Mexico Border Office

Message by Dr Maria Teresa Cerqueira, Office Chief of the PAHO / WHO United States-Mexico Border


It is a pleasure to announce the launch of the new official website of the PAHO / WHO United States-Mexico Border. We hope that through this virtual space we can expand our communications to a wider audience across the border and that you continue to visit our website to become aware of border health news, activities, new publications, our projects and work plan. In concurrence with this new website I am pleased to inform you that this is also the launching of our newsletter, on which you may register through this new portal.

We are entering a new era of connectivity and social networks, this accelerated development of new information and communication technologies pose formidable challenges to the health sector and a challenge to disseminate information and for the prevention messages to reach the largest possible population, including new generations. Our headquarters office has established sites on social networking sites and micro-blogs like Facebook and Twitter with hundreds of followers, and a video channel on YouTube with thousands of visits.


I take this opportunity to reiterate that we continue our commitment to enhance access to technical and scientific information on health through the United States-Mexico Border Virtual Health Library portal. www.infofrontera.org


Thanks to all the staff in the area of Knowledge Management and Communication in our Headquarter Office and our Border Office who worked on this major project, for their great work and making possible the launching of this new site.