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About PAHO Guyana

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There is a long history of PAHO’s involvement in the Caribbean since Offices were created in 1951 before any of the territories had gained independence. The Zone I office in Caracas, Venezuela, had the responsibility for technical cooperation with the Caribbean territories.

With the attainment of independence, Guyana, Trinidad and Tobago, Barbados and Jamaica sought the establishment of separate country offices in the recognition that the organization’s technical expertise and financial support could improve their systems and health conditions. PAHO’s technical cooperation in Guyana was formalized in October 1967 with the establishment of the country office. 

The PAHO office is situated at 8 Brickdam, Stabroek in the heart of the capital city, Georgetown. The country office is responsible for providing technical cooperation, which facilitates activities aimed at improving health conditions in Guyana.

PAHO/WHO GuyanaOverview of Technical Cooperation

The technical cooperation program of Guyana is delivered by a PAHO/WHO Representative, international and local staff and short-term consultants. Support is provided by expertise from the Regional Office, the PAHO/WHO Centers, the Campuses of the University of the West Indies and the University of Guyana and in collaboration with national counterparts from the Government, public and private sectors and Non Governmental Organizations.

Before the start of each biennium, PAHO works with the Ministry of Health and other agencies to:

  • Define national health priorities.
  • Establish the needs for technical cooperation in the priority areas.
  • Clarify which of the needs are to be addressed by PAHO program.
  • Define the technical cooperation strategy for the country.

The technical cooperation program is reviewed during the biennium to determine the extent to which the goals are being met and to determine whether activities or resources need to be re-programmed.

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