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Safe Blood Transfusion Training held 9 August 2012

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The Ministry of Health Lab Technicians benefit from Safe Blood Transfusion Training, which was aimed at helping to reduce maternal and general mortality in Guyana. The Pan American Health Organization/World Health Organization (PAHO/WHO) in collaboration with the Ministry of Health hosted a safe blood transfusion workshop on Thursday 9 August 2012 at the  Cara Lodge located in Quamina Street, Georgetown. The forum targeted in excess of 24 laboratory technicians drawn from both public and private health facilities across the country. The training was a follow-up of a previous training held last November, to train the same level of health personnel.

The purpose of the training is to improve the process of estimating the need for blood and blood components at both public and private hospitals in Guyana. The objectives of the undertaking was to assess the level of blood collection and distribution at regional and national hospitals and to conduct training of national and regional health care personnel in the use of the blood transfusion record books.

The training was facilitated by Dr. Ana del Pozo, PAHO/WHO Consultant, who engaged the participants in interactive sessions as she sought to amplify the importance of blood safety.



Dr. Julian Amsterdam, Director, Standards & Technical Services, Ministry of Health, in his opening remarks welcomed the participants and highlighted the importance of the training. He stated that in keeping with the purpose of the training, it is expected that stakeholders will be better able to manage, including adequate forecasting, proper product preparation and efficient use of blood and blood products. He further mentioned that the introduction of the Blood Transfusion Record Books will be a key component of the training. Dr. Amsterdam stated that there is need for commitment from health personnel to ensure that the process continues and become a success. It is expected that blood transfusion service will be standardized and of a high quality throughout the country.

Dr. Javier Uribe, PAHO/WHO Representative a.i, stated that safe blood for transfusion for the reduction of maternal and general mortality is a process and the most important issue in the process was the persons that were present at the training. He mentioned that to develop good blood service, we need good technicians. He further mentioned that blood is a strategic medicine to save lives and that we need to guarantee that the blood is safe. There is no synthetic blood and the process to analyze blood for use could be very expensive hence the need for accurate estimation of blood. Dr. Uribe stated that PAHO is also interested in training the doctors because they play an important part in the use of blood.

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