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IMAI HIV/TB Co-Management Training for Health Workers training held on the 27- 31 August in Mahdia, Region 8.

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Photos of the facilitators, from left Dr. Karen Cummings, Ms. Neibert Tucker and Mr. Noel Holder.

The Ministry of Health in collaboration with the Pan American Health Organization/World Health Organization (PAHO/WHO) conducted five-day training on IMAI HIV/TB Co-Management Training for Health Workers.

The objective of the training was to improve knowledge and skills of health care workers in IMAI HIV/TB Co-Management. Sixteen (16) health care workers from the Mahdia District Hospital and Priceville Health Centre participated in the training held at the Regional Democratic Council.

The facilitators were Dr. Karen Cummings, PAHO/WHO IMAI Coordinator, Ms. Neibert Tucker, Mr. Noel Holder, Ms Melanie Thomas, PAHO/CIDA Coordinator, Ms Nicole Melville, Dots Coordinator and Leona Da Costa, Dots Field Supervisor.


Opening remarks given by the Regional Health Officer (RHO),

Dr. Mahendranauth Raghunauth. 

The training commenced with welcome and opening remarks by Dr. Mahendranauth Raghunauth, RHO, Region 8, who encouraged the Health Care Workers to learn as much as they can about IMAI so that they can give better support and high-quality care to the patients and the community.  This was followed by an overview of IMAI by Dr. Karen Cummings. The three (3) Aspects of the IMAI Tool which included the need to build clinical teams in order to realize the goal of delivering HIV prevention and treatment, providing quality care at the Primary Health Care Level; and how the facility can be strengthened. The need for health care workers to spend time to talk to patients was mentioned as well as efforts to address and enhance community participation was also noted.Dr. Karen Cummings posited that if the occasion arises when there is the shortage of health care workers, IMAI allows for the sharing and shifting of duties from Specialized physicians to doctors, from Doctors to nurses and from Nurses to people living with HIV and by extension from the clinical team to the community, the last category playing a vital step in the long term care and treatment of patients.

The major topics of the training were:    

  • Chronic HIV Care with ARV Therapy and Prevention
  • Acute Care
  • Palliative Care: Symptom management & end-of-life care
  • General Principles of Good Chronic Care
  • Tuberculosis Care with TB-HIV Co-management


Participants in working groups

It was reiterated to the participants the need to carefully assess acute illnesses, to classify and identify treatments; to look at the sequence of Care after a client would have gotten positive HIV Test;  and to cultivate the habit of using the general principles of Good Chronic Care-using the 5A’s viz:-Assess the client’s status, Advise given on key information, Agree on goals that reflect the client’s priorities, Assist in providing treatments, and support and Arrange for client follow up; and how to use the HIV Care/ ART Card/ ART Register.

The Participants were engaged in the Mantoux test and a Video was shown on the Tuberculin Skin Test. At the end of the training, the pre-test and post-test of topics including HIV and Tuberculosis, and an evaluation were given to the participants.


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