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Beyond Survival

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nullBeyond Survival: Integrated delivery care practices for long-term maternal and infant nutrition, health and development It is now well recognized that delivery and the immediate postpartum period is a vulnerable time for both the mother and infant.

During the first 24 hours after delivery it is estimated that 25 to 45% of neonatal deaths and 45% of maternal deaths occur. 1,2 Thus delivery and postpartum care practices that attend to the most serious and immediate risks for the mother (e.g. postpartum hemorrhage and postpartum infections) and neonate (e.g. asphyxia, low birth weight/prematurity, and severe infections) are the most commonly addressed by public health interventions.

Only recently has the fate of the newborn been directly focused upon, since previous delivery care initiatives mainly addressed the health and safety of the mother at childbirth2 while child survival programs tended to concentrate on conditions affecting survival after the neonatal period (i.e. after the first 28 days of life).

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