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About Enhancing the Health of the Family

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Family and Community Health (FCH) supports country efforts to strengthen public health interventions aimed at improving individual, family, and community health; increase access to health and social services; and the use of integrated, evidence-based, appropriate, and sustainable interventions in the provision of family and community health services.   Family and Community Health is a new area which focuses on Child and Adolescent Health, HIV/AIDS, Immunization, Nutrition and Women and Maternal Health.
Family and Community Health  receives technical cooperation from two Pan American Technical Centers.  These Centers are the Caribbean Food and Nutrition Institute (CFNI) in Jamaica, and the Latin American Center for Perinatology and Human Development (CLAP) in Uruguay.
The main goal of Family and Community Health Programmes is  to provide technical support to the country in the respective area in their efforts to achieve the Millennium Development Goals in Health.

In the area of Maternal and Child Health, the technical support provided is aimed at enhancing the quality of maternal and child health services provided throughout the country.  Additionally, major efforts have focused on enhancing the quality of training provided for Health Care Professionals in Emergency Care of Mothers during labor and delivery and for Neonates at Birth.

Guidelines for Antenatal Care and a new Clinical Record System has been implemented throughout the Country.  A Maternal Perinatal Card is provided for each pregnant woman from the first antenatal visit until discharged from the hospital after delivery.  The information contained in the Clinical Records and Perinatal Card is entered in the computers of all Maternity Hospitals and is used to improve the quality of data provided as well as the quality of the services as a whole.

Technical and logistic support for the procurement of vaccines and the establishment and monitoring of a basic immunization schedule is also provided; as well as training and monitoring in health promotion, nutrition, growth and development assessment and management of the most prevalent diseases during childhood.

Supporting a friendly approach to the provision of health care services for adolescents and young adults in schools and communities, as well as promoting sexual and reproductive health and prevention of unwanted teenage pregnancies are also priority aspects of Family and Community Health programmes and initiatives within the country.

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