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New Knowledge Center Additions for Jan 2011

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 This study proposes methods for measuring inequalities in the distribution of health workers in a country by adapting techniques from the economics literature on income inequality to the measurement of health workforce distribution across geographical units. Calculations use three indices: the Theil L measure and the Theil T index (both of which are decomposable) and the Gini coefficient G which, though not decomposable, is the most well-known and extensively computed measure of inequality.







The Following are available in Hardcopy only and can be accessed by visiting the Knowledge Centre

  • WHO Technical Report Series No. 956: Evaluation of certain food additives.
  • WHO Technical Report Series No. 955 : WHO study group on tobacco product regulation.
  • Design manual for health services facilities in the caribbean.
  • SCN News No. 38 : Climate change: food and nutrition security implications.
  • caribbean guidelines for the prevention, treatment, care, and control of tuberculosis and TB/HIV.
  • WHO Global malaria programme: good procurement practices for artemisinin-based antimalarial medicines.
  • Parasitological confirmation of malaria diagnosis.
  • World Water Day 2010: Water and health: seizing the opportunity to prevent water quality-related disease.
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