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PAHO/WHO Awards World Blood Donor Heros 2012

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An awards ceremony in honor of World Blood Donors Day was held at the PAHO/WHO Guyana country office on 14 June 2012.  Dr. Beverley Barnett,PAHO/WHO Country Representative, in her remarks stated that in Guyana, data from 2009 indicated that blood availability increased from 56.56 units per 10,000 inhabitants in 2003 to 98.44 units per 10,000 inhabitants; however, this is still considered low.  Country-wide figures on blood availability obscure the variations in-country for access to blood for transfusions and it is known from media and other reports that sometimes, this life-saving commodity is not available in time of immediate need, resulting in patients having to be transferred to higher level facilities such as the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation (GPHC).

She further said, it was evident that more efficient blood collection systems will result in immediate increases in blood availability.  Efficient and effective collection and distribution of blood for transfusion can only be done after a precise estimate of the requirement for blood is estimated in each hospital or health care facility, and to ensure the availability of adequate blood for transfusion for pregnant women.

In closing, Dr. Barnett gave the assurance that, PAHO/WHO in Guyana will continue to work with the Ministry of Health and the National Blood Transfusion Services (NBTS) to provide training in the determination of the annual requirements of blood that should be available for transfusion to pregnant women, thus reducing maternal mortality. Training was completed in November 2011 for national and regional health personnel on estimating the need for blood and blood components at public and private hospitals, and a follow-up training will be done in August 2012. The Organization also supported the printed of materials to raise awareness of blood donation in Guyana.

Mr. Ron Robinson and Mr. Leo Sawh, who donated 110 units and 100 units of blood respectively, were honored at the awards ceremony for their invaluable and selfless contributions of blood donated to the National Blood Bank.



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World Blood Donor Day 2012

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 World Blood Donor Day 2012



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PAHO launches Regional Platform on Access and Innovation for Health Technologies

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 PAHO launches Regional Platform on Access and Innovation for Health Technologies




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Launch of the Regional Platform on Access and Innovation for Health Technologies

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May 7, 2012. Launch of the

Regional Platform on Access and Innovation for Health Technologies

The Pan American Health Organization/World Health Organization (PAHO/WHO) will launch the Regional Platform on Access and Innovation for Health Technologieson Monday 7 May2012. The objective is to improve transparency, information flow, and cooperation among countries of the region in order to promote access, innovation, rational use, and governance of essential drugs, biological medicines, and diagnostics in public health.

The development of the initiative has been made possible with the support from PAHO Member States and key partners including WHO’s Special Programme for Research and Training in Tropical Diseases (TDR), the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), and the Ministry of Health of Brazil.

How can you participate? You can follow the event via Internet

Livestream at

Simultaneous Interpretation and transmission via Elluminate:




A What time? From 9:00 to 10:00 am (Washington, DC Time/Eastern Time)

Program of Activities:

9:00- 9:10 Welcome and Introduction:

Rubén Torres, Manager, a.i., Health Systems based on Primary Health PAHO/WHO

9:15- 9:30 How regional cooperation can improve technological innovation for health in the Americas:

Dr. Carlos Gadelha Secretary of Science, Technology and Strategic Products, Health Ministry of Brazil

9:30-9:45 The PAHO Regional Platform for Access and Innovation in Health Technologies: A regulatory perspective:

Ms. Mary Lou Valdez, Sub Commissioner, FDA

9:45-10:00 The Regional Platform:

Objectives, partnerships and perspectives.

Dr. James Fitzgerald, Coordinator, Medicines and Technologies PAHO/WHO

Presentation of the Regional Platform:

Dr. Analía Porrás, Advisor, Technological Innovation for Health, Medicines and Health Technologies PAHO/WHO

10:00-10:20 Official launch of the Regional Platform

Dr. Mirta Roses, Director PAHO/WHO

10:20-10:30 Question and Answer session with countries, users and members of the civil society.

Special Guests

Dr. David K. Aylward

Senior Advisor

Global Health and Technology

Ashoka -- Innovators for the Public

Dr. Anthony Boni

Pharmaceutical Management Specialist

U.S. Agency for International Development

Ms. Maria Luisa Escobar

Manager of the Health Systems

World Bank Institute

Dr. Ferdinando Regalia

Division Chief of Social Protection and Health

Inter-American Development Bank

Dr. Andreas Seiter

Senior Health Specialist

The World Bank

Dr. Vincent Ahonkhai

Senior Regulatory Officer

Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation

Mr. Thomas Bollyky

Council of Foreign Relations

Center for Global Development

Ms. Michelle Childes

Director of Policy and Advocacy

Médecins Sans Frontières

Ms. Amanda Glassman

Director of Global Health Policy

Center for Global Development

Mr. Luca Occhini

Fund Portfolio Manager

The Global Fund

Dr. Brian O’Rourke

President and CEO

Canadian Agency for Drugs and

Technologies in Health

Dr. Bernard Pécoul

Executive Director,

Drugs for Neglected Diseases initiative (DNDi)

Dr. Jonathan Quick

President and CEO

Management Sciences for Health (MSH)

Ms. Mary Lou Valdez


Food and Drug Administration

United States of America

Dr. Leonardo Cubillos-Turriago


World Bank

Lic. Miguel Maito

Gerente de Comercio Internacional y

Regulaciones SanitariasCámara Industrial de Laboratorios

Farmacéuticos de Argentina

Dr. José Manuel Cousiño

Director de Asuntos Reguladores

Federación Latinoamericana de la

Industria Farmacéutica

Santiago, Chile

Dr. Dirceu Barbano

Director Presidente

Agencia Nacional de Vigilancia Sanitaria (ANVISA)

Brasilia, Brasil

Dr. Carlos Gadelha

Secretario de Ciencia, Tecnología y

Productos Estratégicos,

Ministerio de Salud

Brasília, Brasil

Dr. Ricardo Gamarski

Analista Técnico

Departamento de Ciencia y Tecnología

Ministerio de Salud

Brasília, Brasil

Dr. José Miguel do Nascimento Jr.

Director del Departamento de Asistencia

Farmacêutica y Productos Estratégicos,

Ministerio de Salud

Brasília, Brasil

Dr. Leonardo Batista Paiva

Jefe de Gabinete de la Secretaria de

Ciencia, Tecnología y Productos Estratégicos

Ministerio de Salud

Brasília, Brasil

Dr. Hugo Sigman

Fundador, Mundo Sano

Dra. Silvia Gold

Presidenta, Mundo Sano

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Sr. Rodolfo Barrere

Red de Indicadores de Ciencia y Tecnología RICyT

Secretario Técnico

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Contact: Mrs. Indira Villegoureix HSS/MT ( This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it )

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The Guyana Virtual Health Library Training and Launch

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 The Guyana Virtual Health Library Training and Launch



The Pan American Health Organization/World Health Organization (PAHO/WHO) conducted a workshop 13-15 March 2012, on the use of the Virtual Health Library and the Indexing Methodology for the easy and cost effective access to health information.

Dr. LilianCalo and Ms. Maria Analia Conceicao, facilitators from BIREME, our Collaborating Center in  Brazil, conducted the training for health professionals, librarian and researches.  The twenty two (22) persons who participated were from the University of Guyana and the Ministry of Health.

Following the workshop, PAHO/WHO in collaboration with the University of Guyana and the Ministry of Health launched the Guyana Virtual Health Library, 16 March 2012.

The outcome of the workshop

Participants gained the knowledge on the efficient use of the VHL and the effective indexing methodology for the easy access of scientific health information. Emphasis was placed on the indexing methodology, as a result of quality scientific health information which is needed for the Guyana Virtual Health Library.

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