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Knowledge Center Additions

New Knowledge Centre Additions, August to September 2012

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 List of New Knowledge Centre Addition from August to September 2012

  1. Lee Jong-Wook: A life in health and politics
  2. WHO expert committee on biological standardization - 59th report
  3. The selection and use of essential medicine
  4. WHO expert committee on specifications for pharmaceutical preparations - 46th report
  5. WHO drug information vol 26. no. 2 2012
  6. Evaluation of certain veterinary drug resisues in food - 75th report
  7. Colera in Repubica Dominicana, 2012/Colera in Dominica Republic
  8. Directions in global health vol 9, issue 1 and 2 May and July 2012
  9. Rights of the child commission - five year strategic plan 2012-2016
  10. WHO Pharmaceuticals newsletter No. 3 2012
  11. WHO: Soil-transmitted helminthiases - progress report 2001 -2010 ans strategic plan 2011-2020
  12. INDIA perspectives vol 26 no. 3 June 2012
  13. Think: environment vs development issue 1 2012
  14. Proyecto de cooperacion tecnica en seguridad vial entre ciudades/Technical cooperation project in road safety between cities.
  15. Bulletin of the WHO vol 90 no.8 August 2012 557-632.
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New knowledge Centre Additions July 2012

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New Additions for June to July 2012

    • Dementia: a public health priority.
    • La Sostenibilidad del desarrollo a 20 anos de la cumbre para la tierra.
    • Pan American Journal of Public Health vol 30 No. 6Dec 2011
    • Iodine defficiency Desorders (IDD) newsletter Vol 40 No 2 May 2012
    • Neonatal IMCI evidence-based Interventions: in the context of the care continuum for mother, newborns and infants.
    • Vaccine: Smallpox eradication after 30 years: Lessons, legacies and innovation Vol 29 Suppl 4, 30 Dec 2011
    • Prevencion de la violencia sexual y violencia infilgida por la pareja contra las majeres.
    • CFNI: report on the Caribbean Food and Nutrition Competitions 2011 - Final year Dec 2011
    • Trends in local production of medicines and related technology transfer
    • Increasing access to diagnostics through technology transfer and local production.
    • Increasing access to vaccines through technology transfer and local production.
    • Local production and access to medicines in low- and middle-income countries: a literature review and critical analysis.
    • Local production for access to medical products: developing a framework to improve public health.
    • Local production of pharmaceuticals and related technology transfer in developing countries: a series of case studies by the UNCTAD Secretariat.
    • Pharmaceutical production and related technology transfer.
    • Bugs, drugs& smoke: stories from public health.
    • Package if Essential Non-communicable (PEN) Disease interventions  for primary health care in low-resourse settings
    • Canjanus: vol 43 No 4 2010
    • Caribbean Cooperation in Health Phase III (CCH III): Regional Health Framework 2010-2015
    • PANCAP Perspective: vol 1 No 2 July-Dec 2011
    • Journal of Water and Health: vol 10 No 1 Mar 2012
    • tuberculosis in the region of the Americas 2009: regional report epidemiology, control and financing.
    • Regional initiative for the elimination of mother-to-child transmission of HIV and congenital syphilis in Latin America and the Caribbean: Regional monitoring strategy 2010.




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    New PAHO/WHO Knowledge Centre Additions March 2012

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     New Additions for March 2012

    • Population and individual approaches to the prevention of diabetes and obesity, 2011.
    • Survey of Diabetes, Hypertension and Chronic Disease Risk Factors, 2011.
    • Lancet Journal, Vol 378. No 9794, September, 2011.
    • Emergency Room Study on Alcohol and Injuries, guyana Final Report, 2011.
    • Scaling up action against noncommunicable diseases: how much will it cost? 2011.
    • 2010 Situation Analysis, Elimination of Mother-to-child Transmission of HIV and Congenital Syphilis in the Americas, 2011.
    • Principles of anatomy & physiology, 13th edition 2012. (1 copy)
    • Plan of action to accelerate the reduction in maternal mortality and severe maternal morbidity, 2011.
    • The state of the world's children 2012: children in an urban world,  February 2012.


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    The Guyana Virtual Health Library Training and Launch 13-16 March 2012

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     The Guyana Virtual Health Library Training and Launch


    The Pan American Health Organization/World Health Organization (PAHO/WHO) conducted a workshop 13-15 March 2012, on the use of the Virtual Health Library and the Indexing Methodology for the easy and cost effective access to health information.

    Dr. LilianCalo and Ms. Maria Analia Conceicao, facilitators from BIREME, our Collaborating Center in  Brazil, conducted the training for health professionals, librarian and researches.  The twenty two (22) persons who participated were from the University of Guyana and the Ministry of Health.

    Following the workshop, PAHO/WHO in collaboration with the University of Guyana and the Ministry of Health launched the Guyana Virtual Health Library, 16 March 2012.

    The outcome of the workshop

    Participants gained the knowledge on the efficient use of the VHL and the effective indexing methodology for the easy access of scientific health information. Emphasis was placed on the indexing methodology, as a result of quality scientific health information which is needed for the Guyana Virtual Health Library.


































































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    New Additions January 2012

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    • Immunization Summary: A statistical reference containing data through 2010.
    • Directions in global health. Volume 8, Issue 2 December 2011.
    • International perspectives on sexual and reproductive health. volume 37, number 4 december 2011. 
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