Infection Control Mission to Guyana 1-7 July 2012

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Ministry of Health in collaboration with the Pan American Health Organization/World Health Organization (PAHO/WHO) conducted a seven-day mission in Guyana from 1 to 7 July 2012.  
The objectives were to:

1) Finalize the National Infection Control Strategic Plan 2012-2016
2) Update the Infection Prevention and Control Manual for hospital level; and
3) Identified the generic guidelines for the establishment of the Infection Control Committees at hospital level.

Eighteen (18) participants attended the Infection Control Stakeholder Meeting held at Herdmanston Lodge. The participants were representative from:

•    MOH Regional Health Authorities and Infection Control Focal Points from Regions 2, 4, 6 and 10; MOH Central Level - Chief Medical Officer (CMO), Permanent Secretary (PS), National Tuberculosis Program (NTP), Information Technology (IT) Unit, Surveillance Unit and Director Standards and Technical Services
•    Prison Services Authorities
•    Centre for Disease Control and Prevention
•    PAHO/WHO   




Three meetings were conducted to accomplish the expected products of the mission.

The  Infection Control and Prevention Strategic Plan 2012-2016 was reviewed and updated at the first meeting of the Infection Control Oversight Committee Meeting, the Infection Control and Prevention Manual was reviewed and updated at the second meeting held at the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation Inc. (GPHC).

The third meeting was the Infection Control Stakeholder Meeting, where Dr. Shamdeo Persaud, Chief Medical Officer (CMO), assured the meeting of the Ministry’s commitment and highlighted the importance of having the National Infection Control Plan 2012-2016 ready for operation at hospital level. He also reiterated that capacity building was necessary to reduce morbidity and mortality due to healthcare associated infections.

Dr. Rosalinda Hernandez, Advisor, Family and community Health and and HIV, PAHO/WHO, indicated that there are benefits from using the new World Health Organization (WHO) Core Components for infection control, published in 2008, as part of the Guyana Infection Control and Prevention Strategic Plan 2012-2016.

The WHO core components are:
•    Organization of the infection prevention control programmes
•    Technical Guidelines
•    Human Resources
•    Surveillance of infections and assessment of compliance with infection prevention control practices.
•    Microbiology laboratory
•    Environment
•    Monitor and evaluation of infection prevention control programmes, and
•    Links with public health or other services

Dr. Martin Yagui, PAHO/WHO Consultant, presented the updated version of the National Infection and Prevention Control Strategic Plan 2012-2016, as well as the generic guidelines for the functioning of the nosocomial infection control committees at the regional hospital level.

Dr. Julian Amsterdam, Director Department Standards and Technical Services, emphasized the need to prioritize the next steps to be taken as follows:

•    Establish the National Infection Control Oversight Committee to be chaired by Dr. Bheri Ramsaran, Hon. Minister of Health

•    Disseminate and conduct discussion sessions on the National Infection Prevention and Control Strategic Plan 2012-2016 among health workers from central, regional and district level.
•    Monitor the implementation of the National Infection Prevention and Control Strategic Plan 2012-2016 by the Department of Standards and Technical Services.
•    Establish and train Infection Control Committees at referral, regional and district hospital level as well as the National Oversight Infection Control Committee on the infection control plan and general concepts of infection control.



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