New knowledge Centre Additions July 2012

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New Additions for June to July 2012

    • Dementia: a public health priority.
    • La Sostenibilidad del desarrollo a 20 anos de la cumbre para la tierra.
    • Pan American Journal of Public Health vol 30 No. 6Dec 2011
    • Iodine defficiency Desorders (IDD) newsletter Vol 40 No 2 May 2012
    • Neonatal IMCI evidence-based Interventions: in the context of the care continuum for mother, newborns and infants.
    • Vaccine: Smallpox eradication after 30 years: Lessons, legacies and innovation Vol 29 Suppl 4, 30 Dec 2011
    • Prevencion de la violencia sexual y violencia infilgida por la pareja contra las majeres.
    • CFNI: report on the Caribbean Food and Nutrition Competitions 2011 - Final year Dec 2011
    • Trends in local production of medicines and related technology transfer
    • Increasing access to diagnostics through technology transfer and local production.
    • Increasing access to vaccines through technology transfer and local production.
    • Local production and access to medicines in low- and middle-income countries: a literature review and critical analysis.
    • Local production for access to medical products: developing a framework to improve public health.
    • Local production of pharmaceuticals and related technology transfer in developing countries: a series of case studies by the UNCTAD Secretariat.
    • Pharmaceutical production and related technology transfer.
    • Bugs, drugs& smoke: stories from public health.
    • Package if Essential Non-communicable (PEN) Disease interventions  for primary health care in low-resourse settings
    • Canjanus: vol 43 No 4 2010
    • Caribbean Cooperation in Health Phase III (CCH III): Regional Health Framework 2010-2015
    • PANCAP Perspective: vol 1 No 2 July-Dec 2011
    • Journal of Water and Health: vol 10 No 1 Mar 2012
    • tuberculosis in the region of the Americas 2009: regional report epidemiology, control and financing.
    • Regional initiative for the elimination of mother-to-child transmission of HIV and congenital syphilis in Latin America and the Caribbean: Regional monitoring strategy 2010.




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