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Response Activities Underway in Haiti

As more and more organizations are reaching out to Haiti to provide emergency response, effective coordination is instrumental to reach the affected population in a timely manner.  Coordination among agencies is crucial if aid is to be effective and life-saving. UN agencies, NGOs and other agencies are sharing expertise, medicines, staff and other capacities in order to reduce avoidable suffering and death in Haiti. The Global Health Cluster is a key component of this coordination effort. Under the leadership of the WHO/PAHO, it is composed of actors in Haiti working on health humanitarian issues. PAHO is also in communicating with member states on a regular basis to facilitate the regional coordination of aid to Haiti. To date, more than 13 neighboring countries in the Western Hemisphere have aided the relief efforts.

PAHO has established a logistical support platform at the border towns of Jimani and Baharona in DOR and this will be used to support missions to Port au Prince.  Additional supplies are being sent overland from the Dominican Republic and are expected to arrive tonight.

The PAHO office in Port au Prince is closed and the staff is working out of the PROMESS warehouses at the Airport.  PROMESS is the Central Procurement Agency and warehouse for drugs and medical supplies for the Ministry of Health in Haiti and is managed by PAHO. 

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