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Cuban Aid to Earthquake Victims

Cuban doctors, one of the most important medical force in the ground giving medical care to the Haitian people in the first 72 hours after the Earthquake.

Current situation (as 27 January 2010)

  • 417 Cuban health workers work in Haiti, plus 240 medical residents have been incorporated which where in the 5th year of their medical career in Cuba.  
  • More than 14 551 patients have received medical care and more than 1 252 surgical interventions carried out
  • 21 assistance points where the Cuban physicians work organized in 3 levels:  
    • City of Port-au-Prince: Hospital La Renaissence, Hospital of La Paz, Hospital Ofatma, and Itinerant Brigade of Primary Care.  
    • Outskirts of the Capital:   Field hospital of Leoganne, Arcahaie, Island Lagonave, Carrefourt, Centers of Comprehensive Diagnosis of Grand Goave, Petit Goave and Thomasó.  
    • Other departments:   Field hospital of Jacmel, Centers of Comprehensive Diagnosis of Mirebalais, Anse–to-Veau, Raboteau, and Aquin, Them Cayes, Haitian Cape, Port de Paix, Grand'Anse and Nippes
  • 14 surgical rooms which include 16 surgical equipment have been implemented by Cuba.  
  • Cuban doctors work together more than 100 specialists from several countries (Canada, Chile, Colombia, Spain, Mexico and Venezuela) and 17 nuns, the majority of them in the Hospital of La Paix. 

 Situation (as 19 January 2010)

  • 512 Cuban collaborators work in Haiti today, 410 of them are health professionals and the rest belong to education and other social sectors, and services.
  • 38 Haitian who are currently on their medical internship in Santiago of Cuba have joined in the Cuban doctor’s brigade.
  • More than 100 Haitian students, who attend the fifth year of medicine in Cuban universities, will join in the next hours to this collaboration.
  • 122 medical specialists from other five countries: Canada, Chile, Spain, Mexico, and Venezuela work together with the Cuban physicians; in addition to 17 Spanish nuns, which belong to two religious congregations.
  • Uninterrupted work is carried out in three hospitals: The Renaissance, Ofatma, and La Paz, in addition to the brigade itinerant of primary care, and in the next hours will be opened others health care centers.
  • Until the past night, 17 January, 8 919 patients had been attended, 650 surgical interventions were carried out, 361 of them were complex surgeries and 289 smaller.

Cuban Collaborators

403 Cubans collaborators were working in Haiti on Tuesday, 12 January, at the moment that the Earthquake shocked the country; 344 of them in the health sector, integrated by physicians, nurses, public health experts, and health specialists, 200 of which were working in medical care in Port-au-Prince and bordering cities.

The Cuban physicians began to offer their services and emergency health care to the victims immediately after the earthquake, 2 field hospitals were established in installations of the Cuban physicians. The same day of the catastrophe, the government of Cuba talked to the Minister of Health of Haiti to coordinate the assistance and evaluate the situation of Cuban medical doctors.

On Januery 13th, More than 60 new health specialists, from the "Henry Reeve" Contingent for emergencies, with experience in similar catastrophes in other countries around the world joint the Cuban mission at Port-au-Prince, carrying drugs, medical supplies, food, serum and plasma.

One day after the earthquake 1 987 patients had been received medical care and 111 surgical interventions had been carried out by Cuban physicians in 5 points of assistance in Port-au-Prince:   Field hospital of the Annex, Hospital La Renaissence, Hospital Ofatma, Center of Comprehensive Diagnosis of Grand Goave and Center of Comprehensive Diagnosis of Mirebalais, these last two located in the outskirts of the capital.

On Thursday 14 January at 20:00 hours a care post, setup at the Hospital Delmas 33, started to provide medical services with Cubans personnel from other Haitian departments

About 400 Haitian physicians trained in Cuba are working today with the Cuban doctors to save lives in this critical situation.

As part of the solidarity and cooperation, Cuba authorized immediately the use of its aerial space by  United States aircrafts in order to facilitate the immediante delivery of assistance and attendance to Haiti.

At these moments Cuba cooperates with Venezuela, Namibia, Norway, China, Dominican Republic, Mexico, and Russia coordinating actions for the medical care of Haitian people.

PAHO coordinates logistic support, is an important provider of medicines and medical equipment, through the PROMESS warehouse near the airport in Port-au-Prince. PROMESS functioned as Haiti’s main medical storage and distribution facility even before the earthquake, and now it is playing a critical role in purchasing as well as soliciting and receiving donations of medicines and supplies and distributing them to health facilities and agencies that are providing health services to the Haitian population, which include the Cuban medical centers.

Cuba, over a decade of solidarity and collaboration with Haiti.

  • Since December 1998, Cuba has medical cooperation in Haiti through the Comprehensive Health Program.
  • Up to date 6 094 Cuban health personnel has worked in the health sector in Haiti, more than 14 million Haitian people have received medical care, more than 225 thousand surgeries have been done, and more than 100 thousand deliveries have been attended by Cuban health professionals, saving more than 230 thousand lives.
  • In 2004, after the tropical storm Jeanne passed through the city of Gonaives, Cuba provided its assistance with a brigade of 64 physicians and 12 tons of drugs.
  • Five Centers of Comprehensive Diagnosis (CDI), built by Cuba and Venezuela, provided services to the Haitian people before the earthquake.
  • Since 2004 the Operation Milagro in Haiti is carried out. Up to 31 December 2009 a total of 47, 273 Haitians had been surgically treated on vision problems.
  • A total of 660 Haitian young people are currently studying in Cuba, 541 of them  are formed as physicians.
  • 917 professionals from Haiti have been trained in Cuba, 570 out of them are  physicians.
  • Cuba cooperates with Haiti in sectors such as agriculture, energy, fishing, communications, in addition to health and education.
  • As a result of the Cuban cooperation in the education sector, 160 030 Haitians have been made literate.

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Geneva, Switzerland. 19 January 2010


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