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Information System via SMS

SEAMUS is an information transmission system that streamlines geographically dispersed data into a single management center. The technology can be used even where Internet may not be working or where there are connection problems. Previously encoded SMS messages transmit information from the field to a central post where it automatically undertakes the following.

  • Evaluates content consistency, notifying the sender via SMS of any error
  • Sets up an alert when the value of the parameter being monitored exceeds the predefined alarm level
  • Stores in a database the information received. Historical reports, statistics can be subsequently performed etc.

Success stories have been:

  • Monitoring of water quality through the residual chlorine in Dominican Republic and Haiti. An alert is sent when it detects that it is 0 mg/liter. The system automatically notifies operators and health officials via SMS and email.
  • Surveillance of cholera cases (hospitalizations and deaths) in Haiti, such that each day the number of cases and deaths in all the communities are reported from across the country - including from those with difficult access where information has not been readily available.

The system can be adapted to any context and any type of information that is required to be conveyed from the field. The training required is minimal because the only task is to send a SMS; the implementation cost is minimal, since any cell phone can be used to send an SMS (cost only of SMS transmittal); the reception is undertaken in a normal computer in which the control software is provided free (Download system).


Link to New Mobile Phone-based Cholera Surveillance and Control System in Haiti 

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