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Research ethics in PAHO is overseen by the PAHO’s Ethics Review Committee (PAHOERC). The Committee consists of an interdisciplinary group of professionals, selected observer entities and a Secretariat housed by the Regional Program of Bioethics,which is part of the Human Resources for Health, Bioethics, and Research (HSS/RH).

All research that uses human subjects (including human tissues and records, and surveys of human subjects) that is funded and/or technically supported by PAHO requires review and approval from PAHOERC.

PAHOERC ensures that research with human subjects in which PAHO is involved is ethical: that it is potentially beneficial for society, methodologically sound, and accords with the principles of respect for persons, beneficence and justice.

PAHOERC’s Standard Operating Procedures

PAHOERC's structure and review process (including the requirements for the submission of proposals) is dictated by the Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs). They are available in English, Spanish and Portuguese. 


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