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Active ImageWorkshop for the Implementation of SPC Explorer RT Software for the Management of Control Charts in Vaccines Quality Control Laboratories. Río de Janeiro, Brazil, 16 – 19 June, 2008.

The general objective of the workshop was to implement the software SPC Explorer RT and to summarize the performance analysis of potency tests of standards.


List of participants. Workshop. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, 16 – 19, June, 2008.

Summary. Rio de Janeiro, Brasil, 16 – 19 de junio, 2008 (22.78 kB)

The specific objectives were as follows:

To teach the countries basic statistical knowledge for the analysis of vaccine quality control charts To familiarize the countries with statistical process control software, SPC Explorer RT To translate the results of potency values of standards used in the quality control of vaccines of the countries into SPC graphs.

To distribute SPC Explorer RT licenses for statistical analysis of vaccine quality control charts to the participants of the vaccine control laboratories In conclusion, the countries’ participants gained basic statistical knowledge for the purpose of vaccine quality control charts.

More specifically, they were taught the analysis of vaccine quality control charts by using the statistical process control software, SPC Explorer RT. Moreover, the countries were then able to make potency testing graphs on location. Finally, every country took one license of the software to their laboratory, and has the opportunity to familiarize itself with the broad applications of the software.

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