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Active ImageThe Strategic Fund has been structured through a series of internal (within PAHO) and external partnerships to maximize support to participating countries. The PAHO Working Group is an internal body that was established in 2004 by the Director of PAHO to support and implement activities of the Strategic Fund. It is composed of technical and administrative units at PAHO and meets at least twice a year to review actions and progress of the Fund. The Strategic Fund, as part of the PAHO general work program in Medicines is being developed through the Project of Essential Medicines and Biologicals within the Area of Technology, Health Care and Research, PAHO Washington DC. Technical staff in medicines, procurement officers, financial staff, legal personnel, and project management staff in PAHO dedicate time to supporting activities of the Strategic Fund. 


The Working Group under the coordination of the Medicine Project team implements the work program through partnerships established in the region. Key partners include (but are not limited to): 

  • COHAN Columbia (Hospitals Cooperative, Antioquia)
  • BDS (Barbados Drug Service)
  • ENSP (Fiocruz, Brazil; PAHO/WHO Collaborating Center in Pharmaceutical Policies)
  • MSH (Management Sciences for Health)
  • GDF (Global Drug Facility)/ GLC (Green Light Committee)
  • Global Fund (Particularly Principal Recipients)
  • Clinton Foundation


Figure: Operational Structure of the PAHO Strategic Fund

BDS: Barbados Drug Service

COHAN Columbia (Hospitals Cooperative, Antioquia)

ENSP (Fiocruz, Brazil; PAHO/WHO Collaborating Center in Pharmaceutical Policies)

AMDS: AIDS Medicines and Diagnostic Service

MMSS: Malaria Medicines & Supplies Services

CF: Clinton Foundation

MSH: Management Sciences for Health

GDF: Global Drug Facility



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