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F. Results of the activities of the Working Group on GLP. Meetings of the Working Group on Good Laboratory Practice

The Working Group on Good laboratory Practices meets twice a year to define, plan, implement, follow-up, and analyze the results of the different activities established at its work meetings. The subjects considered at each meeting are summarized in the respective reports prepared by the Secretariat. To date the following meetings have been held:

      • Nine Meeting. Through Elluminate. December 12, 2011 

        2nd Virtual Meeting Network of Official Medicines Control Laboratories


icon Agenda 9ª Meeting- Good Laboratory Practices (GT- BPL) (34.34 kB)

icon Activities developed by GT/BPL during 2011 (639.5 kB)

icon VI PANDRH Conference. Working Group Good Laboratory Practices (7.11 MB)

icon WHO Good Practices For Pharmaceutical Microbiology Laboratories (631 kB)

Click here to listen to the recorded session.  

      • Eight meeting. Through Elluminate. April 6, 2011

icon PANDRH Network WG/GLP. Report of the Eight Meeting. Through Elluminate. April 6 2011 (39.67 kB) (Spanish version) 

      • Seventh Meeting. Lima, Perú. July 20-22, 2010

        icon Red PARF - GT- BPL- Report of the Seventh Meeting. Perú. July 20-22, 2010  (60.51 kB) (Spanish version)

      • Sixth meeting. Brazil. November 23-25, 2007

icon PANDRH Network WG/GLP. Report of the Sixth Meeting. Brazil. November 23-25  2007 (53 kB) (Spanish version)

      • Fifth meeting. Guatemala. May 30- June 1, 2007

icon PANDRH Network WG/GLP. Report of the Fifth Meeting. Guatemala. May 30- June 1 2007 (205.94 kB) (Spanish version)

      • Fourth meeting. Bolivia. November 3-4, 2006

icon PANDRH Network WG/GLP: Report of the Fourth Meeting. Bolivia.  November 3-4 2006(86.35 kB)

      • Third meeting. Dominican Republic. March 6-10, 2006

icon PANDRH Network WG/GLP: Report of the Third Meeting. Dominican Republic. March 6-10 2006 (53.15 kB)

      •  Second meeting. Peru. November 29- December 2, 2005

icon PANDRH Network WG/GLP: Report of the Second Meeting. Peru. November 29- December 2 2005 (70,95 kB)

      • First meeting. Panama. June  1-3 , 2005

icon PANDRH Network WG/GLP: Report of the First Meeting. Panama. June 1-3 2005 (62.34 kB)

Fifth Meeting of the Working Group on Good Laboratory Practices (WG/GLP) and the Course on Good Practice for Pharmaceutical Control Laboratories. The members of the Working Group (PAHO) are: (standing from left to right) Milagros Real Pérez and Rosario Vega Huanca, INS/Peru; Carlos Saldarriaga Alzate, Universidad de Antioquia/ Colombia; José María Parisi, PAHO/Washington (Secretariat); María Gloria Olate, ISP/Chile (Coordinator); Silvana Vaz de Melo Mattos, ANVISA/Brazil; Nilka M. Guerrero R, IEA/Panama; Lucette Cargill, CRDTL/Jamaica.

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