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Oral Health Workshop for the Region of the Americas: A Call for Action for Caries-Free Communities for Vulnerable Populations. 23-25 April 2009, Mexico City.

The Pan American Health Organization (PAHO), jointly with the Secretary of Health of Mexico, Mexican Federation of Dental Schools, and the Mexican Dental Association, now calls on all stakeholders in the oral health community to join together to identify sustainable solutions to achieve Caries-Free Communities in the Americas. This effort will be launched in Mexico City in April 23-25, 2009, and will be a broad-based effort to tackle the burden of dental caries throughout the Americas by focusing on participating countries and their most vulnerable communities. By pooling the resources of the entire oral health community, this groundbreaking initiative – Caries-Free Communities (CFC) – will create space for sustainable solutions to the Region’s most prominent oral health problem.

Key oral health leaders from each country will be invited to participate in the three-day workshop to discuss and recommend strategic intervention for the CFC initiative. The aim is to achieve the broadest possible support and contributions to the CFC by sharing successful practices, profiling and scaling up existing programs, thus contributing to the creation and implementation of new programs under this initiative.

The Mexico Oral Health Workshop will provide approaches and solutions to current oral health challenges and a forum to strengthen partnerships between governmental health programs, including oral health, dental schools and dental federations of each country. Over 100 professionals will participate, including dental chief officers, deans of dental schools, member of FOLA, presidents of dental associations and representatives of private sector, the World Dental Federation, International Association of Dental Research, the International Association of Dental Educators, and OFEDO.

Workshop Objectives:

  • To facilitate collaboration between oral health leaders from the public and private sectors and to identify sustainable solutions to achieve Caries-Free Communities (CFC) in the Region of the Americas.
  • To recommend action steps for improving oral health status for the most vulnerable groups in the Americas.

Specific objetives:

    • Identify vulnerable communities in each country
    • Identify sustainable solutions for improving oral health at governmental, professional and academic levels
    • Design strategic interventions for the identified vulnerable communities
    • Launch the CFC Initiative in the Americas by stakeholders


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