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Tab 2: Train-the-Trainer agenda, learning objectives, and handouts.

These materials are specific to Train-the-Trainer

icon Train-the Trainer: Train-the-Trainer Agenda (27.75 kB)

icon Train-the Trainer: Train-the-Trainer Learning Objectives (19.76 kB)

icon Train-the-Trainer Efficacy of Fluoride Varnish (35.86 kB)

icon Train-the Trainer: Health Program Planning: POARE Model (57.32 kB)

icon Train-the Trainer: Getting Ready for the Workshop (60.49 kB)

icon Train-the Trainer: Principles of Adult Education (58.16 kB)

icon Train-the Trainer: Train-the-Trainer Evaluation (8.79 kB)

Power Point Presentations

icon Module_1_The_Caries_Balance.ppt (3.98 MB)

icon Module_2_Caries_Risk_Assessment.ppt (1.3 MB)

icon Module_3 _Oral_ Health_Screening_and_FV.ppt (5.06 MB)

icon Module_4_Effective_Health_Education.ppt (1.68 MB)

icon Module_6_Topical_Fluoride_Interventions.ppt (2.09 MB)

icon Module_8_Infection_Control_Presentation1.ppt (2.68 MB)

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