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Tab 6: Handouts for the Community Workshop.

These will need to be duplicated for each participant at the Community Workshop

Community Workshop Agenda

icon PDF (27.8 kB) -icon MSWord (30,5 kB)

Community Workshop Learning Objectives

icon PDF (19.67 kB) -icon MSWord (35 kB)

Fluoride Varnish Application: 7 Steps for Community Workers

icon PDF (103.42 kB)-icon MSWord (101.5 kB)


Tips for Managing Child Behavior

icon PDF (32.34 kB) -icon MSWord (41 kB)

Infection Control for Fluoride Varnish Application

icon PDF (32.12 kB) - icon MSWord (40 kB)

Group Exercise 1. Name of Community and Oral Health Intervention

icon PDF #1 (34.73 kB) - icon MSWord Exercise (35 kB)

Group Exercise 2. Community Oral Health Messages

icon PDF (30.21 kB) -icon MSWord (33.5 kB)

Sustainability Worksheet

icon PDF (27.94 kB) - icon MSNWord (30 kB)

Community Workshop Evaluation

icon PDF (30.6 kB) - icon MSN Word (28.5 kB)

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