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Update: May 13, 2009

Institution name Country Title

National University La Plata


WHO Collaborating Centre on Problem-based Pharmacotherapy Teaching

Barbados Drug Service, Ministry of Health


WHO Collaborating Centre for Drug Supply Management

Oswaldo Cruz Foundation (FIOCRUZ)


WHO Collaborating Centre for Pharmaceutical Policies

Cooperativa de Hospitales de Antioquia (COHAN) Centro Integral


WHO Collaborating Centre for Essential Drugs and Hospital Supplies

University of Illinois at Chicago


WHO Collaborating Centre for Traditional Medicine

National Institutes of Health


WHO Collaborating Centre for Traditional Medicine

Food & Drug Administration (FDA)


WHO Collaborating Centre for Biological Standardization

Boston University School of Public Health


WHO Collaborating Centre in Pharmaceutical Policy



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Policy Formulation, Implementation, and Evaluation

PAHO assists the Member States at the national and subregional level in the formulation, implementation, and evaluation of pharmaceutical policies as part of their health policies in order to guarantee equitable access to quality essential medicines and promote their rational, evidence-based use by health professionals and the community.

Through a participatory process with all actors from the pharmaceutical sector led by the Ministry of Health based on a situation diagnosis, discussion was promoted and a consensus was reached that lead to approval of pharmaceutical policy through an administrative act such as a ministerial resolution, presidential decree, or law (e.g., Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, Paraguay, the Dominican Republic and, more recently, Panama, where the policy has not yet been approved). In the case of the subregional policies, the policies of the Andean Community, MERCOSUR, and Central America are noteworthy.

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Pharmaceuticals Services based on Primary Health Care

As part of the PAHO initiative on the renewal of primary health care, regional guidelines are being drafted for the development of pharmaceutical services as an integral part of health services based on primary health care.

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