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The Parties of the WHO Framework Convention have committed themselves to protecting the health of their populations in a battle against the global tobacco epidemic.  In order to assist the countries fulfill their commitments under the Framework Convention, en 2008, the WHO established MPOWER,  a plan consisting of the six most important and effective tobacco control methods.

The six MPOWER strategies include:

M: Monitor tobacco use and prevention policies
P: Protect people from tobacco smoke
O: Offer help to quit smoking
W: Warn about the dangers of tobacco
E: Enforce bans on tobacco advertising, promotion and sponsorship
R: Raise taxes on tobacco

These measures have demonstrated their effectiveness at reducing tobacco use.

In a report published at the end of 2009, the WHO reported that while some countries have advanced rapidly in the implementation of tobacco control measures, others are moving more slowly.  The report shows that in 2008 400 million people benefited from tobacco control policies.  Nonetheless, there remains much room for progress, as less than 10% of the world population is covered by any of the suggested tobacco control measures.

Click here to view the report.

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