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What is the Library Online Catalog?

(Access the Library Online Catalog)

The Library Online Catalog complements the Institutional Memory Database as well as the fulltext electronic links included therein with other 16,000 non-PAHO bibliographic references found in the whole Library database, which together form the official Library Online Catalog. The Library Online Catalog contains information dating back from 1902 to the present and includes about 52,000 records and around 9,500 electronic texts.

Documentation included:

  • PAHO Institutional Memory (IM);
  • The World Health Organization (WHO) selected literature;
  • Other selected documentation received from institutions in Latin America and the Caribbean;
  • Literature from some other organizations on the subject of public health and related issues.

Note: To access the Library Online Catalog, you need to change the system default under "Item Cat1" from "PAHO Institutional Memory" to "ANY."

For documentation not found in the database, please contact the Library.

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