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icon Workshop '93, Winnipeg, Canada -Indigenous Peoples and Health, Hemisferic Workshop (4.88 MB)  

Report of the '93 Workshop in Winnipeg, Canada

From April 13th to 18th, 1993, at the invitation of the  Pan American Health Organization, representatives from Indigenous Peoples of the Hemisphere gathered in Canadá, in the city of Winnipeg, Manitoba, to discuss the health status of their own community  at the beginning of the International Year of the Indigenous Peoples of the World. This was the first gathering ever held at hemisferic level wich was designed to allow indigenous leaders and their potential development partners to consider priority indigenous health requirements, a full 500 years after Columbus first came to America.

April 13th-18th, 1993, Villamaria, Winnipeg, Canada

 icon Health of the Indigenous People 1: Development and Strengthening of Local Health Systems (252.95 kB)

Estrategic Document that gives place to the Resolution V


Resolution V
"Health of Indigenous Peoples," Adopted by the XXXVII Meeting of the PAHO Directing Council

Health of Indigenous Peoples
1. Introduction

2. Indigenous Peoples and Health Workshop, Winnipeg, 1993
2.1 Indigenous Peoples and Health
2.2 The Geopolitical and Social Context of Health in the Indigenous Populations of the Americas
2.3 Health of Indigenous Peoples at the Beginning of the 1990s

3. Basis and Guidelines for Action
3.1 Basis for Action by PAHO
3.2 General Guidelines for Action
3.3 General Cooperation Activities


Annex I. Indigenous Peoples and Health Workshop
Annex II. Estimated Indigenous Population in the Americas
Annex III. Principal Health and Disease Figures in the Indigenous Population in Selected Countries 

icon Health of the Indigenous Peoples Initiative; Strategic Directions and Plan of Action 2003–2007 (217.74 kB)


1. Introduction
2. Health of the Indigenous Peoples Initiative

2.1 Progress
Plan of Action 1995-1998
Plan of Action  1999-2002
2.2 Challenges
3. Strateic Directions 2003-2007
4. Plan of Action 2003–2007

1.National policies and international agreements
2.Networks of interinstitutional and intersectoral collaboration
3.Primary Health Care and intercultural approach to health
4. Information, analysis, monitoring, and management
5. General budget
6. Annexes

 icon Health of the Indigenous People 2: Toward a Comprehensive Approach to Health Guidelines for Research (2.24 MB) 

This document, produced by the first working group on research with indigenous peoples, is a preliminary proposal in searching for  a comprehensive concept of health, proposing useful methodologies and techniques, and identifying priorities in research with indigenous peoples.

November 29th - December 1st, 1995

 icon Health of Indigenous People 8: Initiative Progress Report 1997 (182.85 kB)

Work until 1998 has been concentrated in the following five areas: building capacity and alliances; working with Member States to implement national and local processes and projects; projects in priority programmatic areas; strengthening traditional health systems; and scientific, technical, and public information.


Executive Summary
1. Resolution CD37.R5
2. Progress in Implementation through 1996
3. Lessons Learned
4. Future Plans
5. Summary of Discussion of the Subcommittee on Programming and Planning, April 1997
6. References
7. Annexes
A. Scientific, Technical, and Public Information
B. Health of the Indigenous Peoples Initiative: Plan of Action, 1997-1998
C. Excerpts from Summary Records, 40th Directing Council

June 1998, Washington, D.C.


   icon Health of the Indig People 9: Strategic Orientations for Implementation of Health of the Initiative (161.19 kB)


1. Background
2. Meeting: Objectives, participants and methodology
3. General considerations in implementing the initiative
4. Strategic orientations for implementing the initiative
5. From Winnipeg 1993 to Washington, DC 1998
6. Experiences in implementing the initiative
6.1 Countries
6.2 Regional Programs
6.3 Alliances
7. Strategic orientations
7.1 Group Work
7.2 Indicators
7.3 General recommendations

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