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"I have been asked a question many a time, who is your hero? I say, my hero does not depend on the position a person occupies. My heroes are those simple men and women who have committed themselves to fighting poverty wherever that is to be found in the world, who concern themselves with the commitment to addressing all socio-economic evils like disease, especially HIV/AIDS. And as long as there are such men and women, the world will continue to be a better place to live in."

Nelson Mandela
Nobel Peace Prize 1993

The distinction "Champion of Health" is awarded by the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO) to exceptional individuals who use their influence and prestige to help raise public awareness about PAHO's work and its health programs in 48 territories and countries in the Americas and worldwide.

Using their talents, charisma and international or national recognition, a number of prominent celebrities have joined PAHO to promote public health in such areas as vaccination, safe blood, HIV, disaster preparedness, tobacco control, alcohol abuse and domestic violence, and maternal and child health, among others.

PAHO Champions of Health help expand awareness and understanding of these issues through prevention campaigns, public service announcements and video news releases. Champions also participate in press conferences as well as electronic and print interviews and deliver health messages that motivate a broad audience including government officials, policymakers, the media, communities and the general public. We invite you to meet our Champions of Health, a group of talented leaders committed to advancing PAHO's work toward Health for All.



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