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Mario Kreutzberger - "Don Francisco"

Don FranciscoBetter known as "Don Francisco," Mario Kreutzberger is the popular and charismatic host of Sabado Gigante, the Spanish-language variety show viewed weekly by some 100 million people in 42 countries. One of the longest-running TV shows of the past four decades, Sabado Gigante reaches more than 90% of Hispanic television households in the United States.

A native of Chile, Don Francisco has combined philanthropy with entertainment for most of his 45-year career. Since 1978, his annual telethon for children with disabilities has raised more than $160 million and financed the construction of six hospitals. The telethons attract huge audiences and have been instrumental in increasing public respect for and awareness of the handicapped and their rights in Chile and throughout Latin America.

During the past decade, Don Francisco has partnered with PAHO to produce media campaigns promoting public-health causes including blood donation, childhood immunization, healthy eating and physical activity, prenatal care, mental health and drug abuse prevention. His most recent collaboration-"Let's Eat Healthy and Get Moving, America"-promotes prevention of obesity.

In 2005, PAHO awarded Don Francisco its "Champion of Health" distinction for his outstanding volunteer work and his contributions to public health. PAHO looks forward to future collaboration with one of entertainment's most popular communicators and a most effective voice for public health.

Don Francisco with his Sabado Gigante audience

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