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Aside of being sources of production and income, work and employment are recognized as key social determinants of health. The workforce of the Americas is close to 50% (460 Million) of its population. Latin America and the Caribbean hold close to 60% of those men and women, who daily work in all economic sectors of the labor market. Working people need safe, healthy and satisfactory working conditions, as well as equitable and fair employment conditions for assuring their highest performance, productivity, and contributing to individual, sectorial and regional development and productivity. But when work is unsafe, unsatisfactory or hazardous it can damage workers' health causing occupational injuries, diseases and fatalities. In consequence, control of working and employment conditions is a unique platform to protect and promote workers' health and well-being.

The Workers' Health team is committed to promoting equity in workers' health for the Region of the Americas by means of several preventive approaches: supporting Member States with technical cooperation for promoting workers' health by developing continuous improvement of healthy, safe and productive workplaces; and, preventing occupational diseases, injuries, and deaths. These tasks encompass liaison with a broad variety of stakeholders, to proactively move inter-sectorial agendas capable of responding to global, regional, and national priorities on workers' health.


Our role comprises different activities:

  • Assisting countries to design national profiles on workers' health to identify working and employment conditions.
  • Promoting workers' health protection by implementing the "healthy workplace approach."
  • Building capacities to identify, measure, and register occupational injuries, diseases and fatalities at regional and country level, as well as estimating the burdens they cause.
  • Supporting information dissemination, capacity building and networking.
  • Promoting research for providing evidence for policy and decision-makers.

Our broad network of Collaborating Centers and partners in Workers' Health are key resources for meeting these goals. They actively network to build and share knowledge, tools, and successful experiences capable of leading workers' health, safety and wellbeing, and contributing to PAHO's Action Plan in Workers' Health.

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