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World Day for Safety and Health at Work 2014 - Commemoration

Chemical Substances, Cancer and Work: enhancing the sound management of chemicals for cancer prevention

Webinar: 28 April 2014 – PAHO/WHO World Day for Safety and Health at Work
(In English with simultaneous translation to Spanish)
Time: 09:00 am - 12:00 pm - EST (Washington, D.C.) To check local time in WDC against your time zone, see the World Clock at:

Chemical substances have transformed human life and work in our modern societies. They have long contributed to technology development since the early industrialization in the XIX century, by transforming raw materials into a great amount of basic chemical components which are now permanently utilized for industry development. New materials and chemical developments are constant, and their presence has propelled great advances in industry, commerce, services and technology, particularly in high-tech areas such as electronics, bio-engineering and tele-communications. Thus, millions of chemical substances have been yield for use of humankind and are increasing yearly. By 23 April 2014, the Chemical Abstract Service (CAS) -updated daily by adding substance information to the CAS REGISTRYSM, reports the global presence of 86.4 million of organic and inorganic substances. They mostly correspond to ingredients and sub-products of industrial, manufacture and combustion processes being capable of becoming pollutants of finished products and of the working and general environments (air, water and soil). Their increasing release into the environment is overcoming the capacity of echo-systems to assimilate, transform and eliminate toxic substances. Read more about the event.


Online Course / Curso en línea

Cáncer Ocupacional y Ambiental: Reconocimiento y Prevención


Online course on Occupational Health and Infection Control for Health Workers / Curso en línea Salud ocupacional y control de infecciones para trabajadores en el área de salud (Spanish Only)


Toolkit to prevent needlestick injuries/ Caja de herramientas por prevención de lesiones por pinchazo de aguja  



Spanish Link:

Protect Patti: Interactive tool for health workers / Protejamos a Patti: Herramienta interactiva para trabajadores en salud



Manual for managers on health and safety / Manual para gerentes de salud y seguridad

English link

Spanish Link

Guidelines on Natural ventilation for infection control / Guía Ventilación natural para el control de las infecciones


English link

Spanish link


For more resources on workers' health, click here:

Resources in English

Resources in Spanish

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