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ProCor: A Global Community Promoting Cardiovascular Health

ProCorProCor, a program of the Lown Cardiovascular Research Foundation, is a global network promoting cardiovascular health in developing countries and other low-resource settings. ProCor uses low-cost communication technologies to provide people in clinical, community, advocacy, and policymaking settings with the information they need to promote heart health.

Founded by Dr. Bernard Lown in 1997, ProCor promotes access to cost effective preventive strategies and non-invasive medical management of cardiac conditions. According to WHO, "It is essential to communicate the latest and most accurate knowledge and information to front-line health professionals and the public at large in order to strengthen chronic disease prevention and control efforts." ProCor is the only global network providing CVD prevention in low-resource settings and is recognized by world health leaders and—more importantly—by front-line care providers who work in isolated or resource-constrained settings.

The ProCor site contains sections on

  • Knowledge: information on statistics on CVDs as well as healthy behaviors and risk factors; a review of issues and research; available knowledge resources.
  • Action: Clinical practice, community programs, advocacy & policy.
  • Global Community: Global dialogue and CVD calendar.

The PAHO's Chronic Disease Team praises ProCor's efforts in the fight against cardiovascular disease and encourages its users to visit the ProCor site and consult the information therein.

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