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PAHO Health, Safety and Well-being Committee

In 2008, the first Health, Safety, and Well-being Committee was formed at PAHO as a response to the organization’s commitment to the welfare of its staff, promoting personal health and a safe working environment.

The Committee plays a normative role in:
  • Identifying the health and well-being issues existing in PAHO's work environment or with PAHO employees;
  • Making recommendations on specific actions to improve the working environment of all staff to promote the involvement of all staff in health and safety issues;
  • Providing technical expertise on well-being related policies directed at employee well-being or safety; and,
  • Reporting to management on identified problems and progress on improving workplace health and safety.

The Committee is comprised of representatives from all levels and types of work at PAHO and has achieved several major milestones. These include raising awareness of workplace health, safety and well-being by hosting an annual PAHO Wellness Day, promoting traveler’s health and immunization, and providing information to PAHO cleaning service workers on the prevention of influenza at the workplace.  

Regional Initiatives

Country Initiatives



Industrial Accident Prevention Association

University of Maryland School of Medicine


 Inmunization for PAHO workers

"Traveler's health and immunization for PAHO workers"



PAHO campaign: Vaccination Week in the Americas


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