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  Photo contest:

“Healthy workplaces: My Work, My Health”

The Pan American Health Organization would like to thank all the participants for their contribution in the promotion of healthy workplaces and for participating in the 2010 photo contest: “Healthy Workplaces: My Work, My Health”

PAHO is glad to announce the winners:

The first prize goes to Mr. Andrés Bernardo López Carrasco, for his picture “Force Union-Security” taken in Mexico City.

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The second prize goes to Mr. Francisco J Montero for his picture “Vertical job” taken in Washington DC.


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The third prize goes to Mr. Marcelo Henrique Silveira for his picture “Humanization at work” taken in Assis, Brazil.


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The following pictures are recognized with an honorable mention:







1. “Hands Up for Health” ( Canada) by Lisa Anderson

2. "Security on tomato crop” (Mexico) by Andrés Bernardo López Carrasco

3. “Rail Workers” ( Argentina) by Patricia Ackerman




1. “Team Work” (Costa Rica) by Gilda María Castro Sancho

2. “The invisible newspaper night fairies” ( Venezuela) by Joaquín Pereira

3. “Communicating to prevent” ( Peru) by Alfredo Riboty Lara




1. “Clean hands, good hands” ( Paraguay) by Gabriela Sanabria Báez

2. “Laughter, life and blood donation” ( Chile) by Marcia Tabak Munoz

3. “Medical examination in a mine” ( Peru) by Jonh M. Astete Cornejo


Thank you again to all the participants, we look forward to your participation next year!





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