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What is the Strategic Fund?

Active ImageThe PAHO Strategic Fund, also known as the Regional Revolving Fund for Strategic Public Health Supplies, was created by PAHO in September 2000 to assist PAHO Member States.

Through the Strategic Fund the procurement of essential medicines and basic public health products takes on a new perspective as it is accompanied by technical support from PAHO in the management of supply systems and the acquisition of low cost products that meet international quality standards. 


Main services within the Fund

1. International procurement service

    • Medicines (HIV, TB, Malaria, Neglected Diseases, Cancer, other), Laboratory Tests and Insecticides
    • When possible, pooled procurement to leverage economies of scale 

2. Technical assistance on supply management

    • Planning, procurement systems, warehousing and distribution, intellectual property, quality, negotiation, etc.


Objectives of the Strategic Fund

    • Improve access and availability of Strategic Public Health Supplies (SPHS) in Member States
    • Help strengthen national capacity in supply management (planning, procurement, management and sustainability) of SPHS
    • Promote principles and concepts of quality in the procurement and management of SPHS
    • Strengthen priority health programs at national level and promote application of normative mandates of PAHO/WHO


Valued Added of the Strategic Fund

Use of the Strategic Fund provides Member States with the following benefits:

• Technical Assistance in Supply Chain Management

o Improve planning, procurement, distribution and sustainability of core supply chain processes 

• Assure the Quality of Commodities 

o PAHO evaluates quality of suppliers and products for all purchases

• Availability of Capital Account

o Avoid stock-outs during emergencies

• Obtain significant price reduction 

o Significant reductions obtained in the region, particularly for ARVs. where savings have up to 80% 

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