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Panama, 16-18 September 2009.

The Area of Technology, Health Care, and Research (THR) of PAHO, in collaboration with the Special Programme for Research and Training in Tropical Diseases (TDR), convened the Advisory Meeting on the Innovation for Health in the Americas: Promotion of Research and Development for Health Products.

The meeting brought together interested parties from the Region of the Americas in the areas of research and development for attainable and appropriate health products, from the therapeutic perspective, to meet public health needs.

Expected results of the meeting

1) Create and promote awareness among participants from the Region (for example, the researchers) concerning World Health Assembly Resolutions WHA 61.21 and WHA62.16, CD48.R15 of the Directing Council of PAHO, and other relevant documents.

2) Take advantage of participants’ experiences in different aspects of research and development of health products in order to gather ideas on effective criteria to guide proposed activities, particularly in terms of:

- the processes and mechanisms to better reach the indicators proposed to measure the advances established in elements 1, 2 and 3 of Resolution WHA61.21; and

- how to promote interchange and collaboration within and among the countries and sub-regions of the Americas

3) Identify the basic measures that PAHO and the TDR can take to support Member States so that they promote and strengthen research and development of health products, specifically, activities to discover and develop new products and procedures that address pertinent health needs.

Documents (Spanish version only)

Meeting agenda

iconPDF (38.5 kb)

List of participants

icon PDF  (54.1 kB)

Background of meeting

icon PDF (38.6 kB)

Research and development of innovative products in the Americas: a case for empowerment. Janis K. Lazdins-Helds

icon PDF  (34.23 kB)

Discussion guidelines

iconPDF (40.39 kB)

Compendium of WHO and PAHO mandates and resolutions on public health, innovation and intellectual property.

icon PDF  (579.33 kB) (Spanish)

  • WHA 61.21 Global Strategy and plan of action on public health, innovation and intellectual property (24 May 2008)
  • WHA 62/16 Public health, innovation and intellectual property: global strategy and plan of action (26 March 2009)
  • WHA 62/16 Add.1 Proposed schedule and requirements for estimated financing
  • WHA 62/16 Add.2 proposed indicators on progress
  • WHA 62/16 Add.3 Non-definitive paragraphs on the interested parties
  • CD 48/18 and Resolution CD 48.R15: Public health, innovation, and intellectual property: a regional perspective
  • Resolution CD45.R7 Access to medicines
  • Resolution CE 144.R13: Elimination of neglected diseases and other poverty-related infections
  • Resolution EC 144.R19: Policy on research for health

First Latin American Conference on Science, Technology, and Innovation. Conclusions and recommendations (2008)

 icon PDF  (1.48 MB) (Spanish)

Presentations during conference

Technological innovation and essential medicines. By José Luis Di Fabio. Manager of the Area of Technology, Health Care, and Research, PAHO.

Download document (1.64 MB) (Spanish) 

Presentation by Dr. Janis K. Lazdins-Helds, Special Program of Research and Training for Tropical Diseases (TDR), Innovation for International Public Health Challenges and Opportunities for an International Organization.

Download document (7.62 MB) (Spanish)

Working group presentations on elements I, II and III.

Download document (99.4 kB) (Spanish)


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