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  2003 -XXXIII Meeting of the Advisory Committee on Health Research (ACHR).Washington, DC. 3–5 de de noviembre 2003.



ACHR-2003-02-List of Participants


ACHR-2003-03-List of documents


ACHR-2003-04-The Management of scientific activity and the Virtual Health Library/Science & Health (BVS/CyS)
ACHR-2003--4-VHL-CyS.pdf and Slides Presentation


ACHR-2003-05-The Research Grants Program Contribution to the Management of Knowledge
ACHR-2003-5-RGP.pdf y Slides Presentation in Spanish


ACHR-2003-06-Presentation InterAcademy Medical Panel


ACHR-2003-06-Presentation on the activities of the Institute of Medicine


ACHR-2003-07 Health of Older Persons Some findings from the PAHO Multicenter Survey SABE
ACHR-2003-7-SABE.pdf and PowerPoint Presentation


ACHR-2003-08-Research and Knowledge
ACHR-2003-8-IKM.pdf and Slides Presentation


ACHR-2003-09--2-Progress in the implementation of the Virtual Health Library (VHL) and the SCienTI Network
PowerPoint Presentation – Roberto Pacheco (13608 KB)


ACHR-2003-10-Final Report


ACHR-2003-Visits to technical areas Sustainable Development & Environmental Health (SDE): Priority Areas of Research


ACHR-2003-Visits To Technical Areas: Technology and Health Services Delivery (THS)
CAIS-2003-THS.pdf and Slides Presentation - Terrence Forrester



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