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The Partners' Forum Secretariat will be based initially within PAHO headquarters in Washington, D.C ., and will be supported by IBLF, PAHEF and WEF. The Partner' Forum Steering Group, composed of a representative group of members from different sectors, countries, and experience; will meet twice yearly to advise the Secretariat on strategic decisions.

The Partners' Forum will operate at the regional and sub-regional levels, providing a geographic focus to online interactions, events, dialogues, and working groups.

  • The Regional Forum will include organizations that operate on a multi-national basis (across the Americas), and will be supported by the Partners Forum Secretariat.
  • National or Subregional Forums will include national-level organizations (including the relevant government agencies), the country-level operations of the multinational organizations, as well as regional companies, consumer organizations, and international NGOs working in healthy eating and active living, in heart disease, diabetes, and cancer.

Members of the Partners' Forum will engage in four distinct venues:

  • Virtual Platform – A unique online networking space will facilitate interaction and supports collective wisdom. Here members will be able to search and store information on specific diseases, indentify relevant partners, initiate discussions, and much more.
  • Events and Dialogues – An annual Partners' Forum event will bring members together in person to share experiences from chronic disease prevention initiatives and to exchange best practices in cross-sector partnerships. A series of dialogues throughout the year (both in person and via webinars) will allow members to explore individual diseases and potential solutions in greater depth.
  • Working Groups – Focused working groups will emerge organically as members unite around specific strategies for reducing chronic diseases. Each group will identify a specific problem, define a solution, mobilize resources, and implement a strategy to address a specific disease or enable a healthier lifestyle. (Focus Areas and Working Groups)
  • Supportive Activities and Tools – Training on cross-sectoral negotiation will help build capacity to support dialogue at various levels. A Measurement and evaluation working group will provide Partners Forum members with tools to help measure success and adapt action to local challenges.

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