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Developed by Bonnie Bruerd, DrPH and Mary Beth Kinney, EdD, MPH in cooperation with the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Public Health Service, Indian Health Service, Division of Oral Health and the Pan American Health Organization and the Gorgas Institute.

Special acknowledgement of appreciation to Joanna M. Douglass, BDS,DDS for permission to use Fluoride Varnish Application video, and to First5 Oral Health for permission to use photographs.

Cover for Training Binder

icon Cover Prologue (160.22 kB)

Tab 1: Training Outline for the instructors of the Train-the-Trainers workshop. The Training Outline is printed on colored paper to distinguish them from other training materials. The Training Outline will only be seen by the instructors for the Train-the-Trainer workshop.

icon Trainer Outline (76.05 kB)

Tab 2: Train-the-Trainer agenda, learning objectives, and handouts. These materials are specific to Train-the-Trainer.

icon TTT Handouts (412.75 kB)

Tab 3: Community Workshop Day 1. Contains all the training materials for the Welcome, Overview, and Introduction, and Modules 1-3.

icon CW Day 1 (1.48 MB)

Tab 4: Community Workshop Day 2. Contains all the training materials for Modules 4-8.

icon CW Day 2 (1.53 MB)

Tab 5: Community Workshop Day 3. Contains all the training materials for Modules 9-11, and closing exercise and evaluation.

icon CW Day 3 (462.79 kB)

Tab 6: Handouts for the Community Workshop. These will need to be duplicated for each participant at the Community Workshop.

icon Handouts (349.26 kB)

Tab 7: Fluoride varnish video  

Programe Overview

icon Workshop for caries prevention for communities. Educational Methodology (63.45 kB)



Power Point Presentations

icon Module_1_The_Caries_Balance.ppt (3.98 MB)

icon Module_2_Caries_Risk_Assessment.ppt (1.3 MB)

icon Module_3 _Oral_ Health_Screening_and_FV.ppt (5.06 MB)

icon Module_4_Effective_Health_Education.ppt (1.68 MB)

icon Module_6_Topical_Fluoride_Interventions.ppt (2.09 MB)

icon Module_8_Infection_Control_Presentation1.ppt (2.68 MB)


Fluoride varnish video


Time: 2:19

The video was produced by Dr. Joanna Douglass, University of Connecticut, School of Dental Medicine, who gave permission for it to be included in this training packet. Community Workshop, Train-the Trainer, and Trainer's Outline for Train-the-Trainer.

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