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The Procurement and Supply Management Area (PRO) purchases a wide range of products and services for health related activities and for administrative support of the headquarters and field offices of the Pan American Health Organization. PRO also purchases on behalf of WHO and its regional offices and Member Governments under reimbursable procurement procedures. The commodities purchased for health related activities encompass practically the full range of manufactured products. The following listing is representative of the commodities purchased:

a) Health Related Requirements: Vaccines, syringes, and cold chain equipment for the Expanded Program on Inmunization (EPI); test kits for AIDS; pharmaceutical products for the Essential Drug Program; laboratory supplies and equipment; test equipment for the environmental health field; spare parts for equipment maintenance programs and boats, sprayers and insecticides for vector control. Also included is a wide range of services extending from construction work, radio and television publicity campaigns, and printing services to feasibility studies and consulting work of all types.

b) Administrative Requirements: Office and audiovisual supplies and equipment, vehicles, computer equipment and software, and many support and maintenance services including cleaning, security, printing, equipment repair, customs clearance and other services essential to day-to-day operations.

  • Environmental Equipment and Instruments
  • Hospital supplies and equipment
  • Medical supplies and equipment
  • Dental supplies and equipment
  • Laboratory supplies and equipment
  • Pesticides, sprayer equipment and spares
  • Vector control supplies and equipment
  • Cold chain supplies and equipment
  • Audiovisual supplies and equipment
  • Computer supplies and equipment
  • Computer software
  • General supplies and equipment
  • Office supplies and equipment
  • Printing supplies and equipment
  • Vehicles, boats, outboard motors
  • Equipment maintenance
  • Contractual Services
  • Vaccines
  • Pharmaceutical Products
  • AIDS
  • test kits
  • Biological substances
  • Chemical Products
  • Syringes and needles

Our SHIPPING and EXPEDITING UNIT is responsible for the following:

  • Monitors the supplier’s performance to ensure compliance with terms and conditions and delivery dates of purchase orders and contracts.
  • Follows up with suppliers to ensure receipt of purchase, expedite deliveries, review that documentation is complete and in order, including specific clauses required by each country and transmit full shipping details and copies of shipping documents to the consignee. Authorize weekend deliveries for urgent orders.
  • Provides guidance to the consignee in matters related to filing claims, completing customs clearance procedures and arranging for replacement shipments when necessary.
  • Coordinates with the supplier and consignee the return of defective or incorrect items as well as the repair of items bought through the Procurement and Supplies Management Office.
  • Suggests routings to suppliers and freight forwarders, ensuring that the most direct route will be used for perishable goods. Review the suppliers’ and freight forwarders’ invoices as well as supporting documents for completeness and accuracy and approve them for payment.
  • Encourages the use of reliable freight forwarders and reviews insurance policies to ensure appropriate coverage.
  • Reviews and approves the suppliers’ invoices for payment after verification of all supporting documents.

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