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Disease registries have an enormous potential for improving chronic disease management. In addition to providing support for individual follow-up, the results therein can be aggregated and analyzed on a population basis.

Regarding cancer registries, information can be found on the website of the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) at CancerMondial, as well as on the WHO Cancer page.

PAHO-IARC Collobaration to improve cancer information in Latin America and the Caribbean

PAHO and IARC are currently collaborating on a five-year project to improve cancer information in Latin America and the Caribbean, specifically aimed at improving the quality of data in cancer registries.

For more information on the advances and activities from the PAHO-IARC Collaboration please click here.

STEPwise approach to Stroke Surveillance

STEPS Stroke provides a useful tool for low and middle income countries in the Region to begin, improve, and strengthen their current capacity for surveillance of cerebrovascular diseases.  For more information and the latest news about STEPS Stroke, as well as access to the methodology, protocol and training materials, please click here.  

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