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WHO Global InfoBase

The WHO Global InfoBase is a data warehouse that collects, stores, and displays information on CNCDs and their risk factors for all WHO Member States. There are many different survey instruments available for collecting data on health behaviors and physical measurements of risk exposure. Each instrument has advantages and limitations. The WHO Global InfoBase acts as a repository for all survey information relevant to eight risk factors: tobacco use, high alcohol consumption and abstainers, fruit and vegetable intake, overweight and obesity, raised blood pressure, raised cholesterol, physical inactivity and diabetes. Go there

PAHO Basic Indicator Data Base

The PAHO Basic Indicator Data Base collects, stores, and displays information on 117 indicators for 48 PAHO Member States  from 1995 to 2009. This information can be displayed in a map or table format. The online table generator, is a multidimensional query tool that displays demographic, socioeconomic, mortality by cause indicators, morbidity and risk factors, access, resources and health services coverage data. In addition,the Atlas of Health Indicators is an innovative visualization of PAHO Core Health Indicators, allowing users to explore core health indicators using dynamically linked maps and charts with tools that facilitate indicator value comparison among countries and sub-regions. Go to the Basic Health Indicator main site


The WHO Statistical Information System (WHOSIS) is an interactive database that brings together core health statistics for all WHO Member States. The database is made up of more than 100 indicators that can be accessed through a quick search by major categories, or through user-defined tables. This data is same as the one featured in the World Health Statistics Report released in May of every year.  Go there

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