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STEPSThe PanAmerican STEPS Instrument

In collaboration with WHO, PAHO adapted WHO’s tool to collect data and measure chronic disease adult risk factors. The result was the PANAMERICAN STEPS Instrument. The Instrument covers three ascending levels of risk factor assessment: interview or questionnaire, physical measurements, and biochemical measurements, respectively.

The PanAmerican STEPS Instrument for the Region of the Americas contains:

  • CORE items
  • EXPANDED items

The CORE items for each of the ascending ‘steps’ requires the calculation of basic variables. The EXPANDED items of for each of the ascending ‘steps’ asks for more detailed information.

icon Pan Am STEPS Mapped Instrument

Question-by-Question Guide 

The Question-by-Question guide provides background information to the interviewers and supervisor as to what is intended by the PanAm STEPS Instrument questions with a brief explanation for each of the questions. The purpose is to avoid misinterpretations of the questions by either the interviewers or supervisor.

icon Questionnaire

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